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Topic: New Legato Strings

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    New Legato Strings

    Although I haven’t been a contributor to these forums, I have been a reader and have appreciated the ideas that have been shared by all of you. Now, I have something that I believe is worth sharing. I have worked as a music professional for thirty years as a songwriter, singer, composer and recording engineer, and since the advent of EMU’s Emulator II, I have relied heavily on sampled sounds in my work.

    My greatest ambition in that area has been to make beautiful, realistic string samples, specifically for sweetening song-productions and film/video scoring. Creating smooth, lyrical melodic lines and rich, moving string sections through sampling has been my long-time goal.

    To make a long introduction short, I invite you to visit my new website http://www.midistrings.com, and listen to a demo of my brand-new strings, called MyViolins.


    Roger Hoffman

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    Re: New Legato Strings

    Wow! These sound great! I listened at work though on crappy speakers, so I can\'t fully judge. But from what I heard, I\'m impressed.

    I\'d like to hear a slightly faster passage, though, to really hear the legato at work. How are you achieving legato with these samples, exactly?

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