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Topic: PMI pianos in EXS and Halion

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    PMI pianos in EXS and Halion

    We have just finished the conversion of all our pianos to EXS and HALION format. We made platform specific new demos (some Chopin, Satie and Massenet); listen here Some are played by our staff and there is a comparison test with a standard midi file (Beethoven Pathetique).

    More info on www.postpiano.com

    There is also a new piano added; the Estonia Grand piano. Really something different...

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    Re: PMI pianos in EXS and Halion


    Is the Estonia you mentioned a new library?

    BTW: any plans to produce another fortepiano library? I have the current Post Fortepiano. I really like it, but I\'d would love to have another (somewhat later) fortepiano to add to the arsenal.

    If not Michiel perhaps someone else has a fortepiano planned...?

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    Re: PMI pianos in EXS and Halion

    The Estonia has been around for 2 years. many people like it a lot.
    It\'s new that we ported it to new formats.

    No other Fortepiano\'s for the moment: it\'s a special instrument with not such a large userbase. There is a nother nice one made by Dennis Burns (Boldersounds) that you could check out.


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