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Topic: Please tell me QLRI uilleann pipes can do "vibrato"

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    Please tell me QLRI uilleann pipes can do "vibrato"

    Hey all.. just anxiously awaiting the arrival of QLRI. Any minute now. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I have a question (yep, too anxious to wait and find out).. do the uilleann pipes have an articulation that lets you do \"vibrato\"? It\'s not really vibrato.. I wish I could describe it. Those of you who listen to Irish music know what I\'m talking about. It sounds like the player is quickly covering and uncovering a hole on the chanter.. creating a sort of tremolo or vibrato, with a change in timbre/tone, not the actual pitch. Kind of like a quick \"wah-wah-wah-wah-wah.\" Does QLRI do this? (sure hope so...)

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    Re: Please tell me QLRI uilleann pipes can do "vibrato"

    Uilleann Pipes are soft and warm sounding. The vibrato you seek is called \"ornaments\".

    If the ones you are getting don\'t do,
    check out the vrsound ones. Same instruments and player as on \"Braveheart\". Pipes
    It has bends knee wahwah (player closes and opens chanter on his knee), original tuning very hi Q.

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    Re: Please tell me QLRI uilleann pipes can do "vibrato"

    Yep, don\'t worry Sam. There are plenty of those types of articulation assigned to keyswitches. You will be able to make lots of truly obnoxious bagpipe parts. [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Re: Please tell me QLRI uilleann pipes can do "vibrato"

    The Uilleann Pipes in R.I. do have vibrato samples. I think it\'s the third or fourth keyswitch. Oops, just read your post more closely. The R.I. pipes do make those kinds of sounds, but the problem is, that you might want those inflections in the middle of a sustained note. R.I. doesn\'t do that.

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    Re: Please tell me QLRI uilleann pipes can do "vibrato"

    I just happened to listen to Mike Oldfield\'s Ommadawn last week. I didn\'t do that for 20 or so years. Halfway Part Two, there\'s a melody played with Northumbrian bagpipes which, I\'m not afraid to say, brought a tear to my eye. How this man played it no samples can conceive. I\'ve noticed that a great part of its emotion is due to, what I call, little fast bendings in the middle of a sustained note, though slow bending is possible too. In fact, it\'s all those and other little things that make \"pipes\" sound so human and earthy. It was one of those moments that I was thinking, who am I kidding with my samples, a real instrument tells it so much better. And they\'re cheaper too. If I didn\'t waist my time with computers, I would be a crack recorder or harmonica player by now.
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    Re: Please tell me QLRI uilleann pipes can do "vibrato"

    Riverdance has a piece which features one of the band members playing a Uillean Pipes solo. I believe it\'s the 4th number on the DVD. You can see how the darn thing is played and how the vibrato is created.

    This piece gives me goose bumps everytime I watch it!

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    Re: Please tell me QLRI uilleann pipes can do "vibrato"

    OK, a few comments real quick:

    This library ROCKS. The uilleann pipes have the vibrato I was looking for. Not quite as distinguishable as I was looking for, but still very good.

    I have a slight prob with the highland bagpipes. The manual says there are no dynamics, which is true for the real instrument, but if you press the key very softly, it actually plays quietly. It\'s not supposed to do this, is it? I\'m attempting a low velocity so I don\'t get the double or triple ornamentation.. but sometimes it winds up playing too quietly. Could someone tell me how to edit this in GSEdit so I can make it so there are really no dynamics?

    EDIT: Same thing w/ the uilleann pipes.. dynamics are present. And another question: I loaded up the Uilleann Pipes C2-D2 VS, and I switched to the C#1 keyswitch (the second one).. if I play at lowest velocity, the note plays as expected.. until I hit the low registers, then it bends. In the higher register, it bends as well. Why is this? I can\'t get the low/high notes to just play straight without bending.


    PS: The taiko drums RUUULE: http://www.samhulick.com/Taiko.mp3 (stick hits are LOP)

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