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Topic: A touch of festival humour

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    A touch of festival humour

    I apologise in advance, as I can't remember whether this is GPO or not. It's a quirky piece, and not entirely satisfactory - the reason for that is that a student of mine (a very weak student) wrote the rather naive string part for the first 7 bars or so. His entire composition was 4 repeats of those 7 bars, and he was very proud of it - so whilst he allowed me to convince him that it completely lacked a foreground, I wasn't allowed to touch the chords, which is why it hangs around each for too long.

    In the space of an hour's lesson we wrote the xylophone solo over his few bars, and then I showed him how some of the ideas could be re-used and developed. Finally I brought home the MIDI file and, I think, rendered it with GPO (we had been working on the built in sounds of a Soundblaster card) - but there's a slim chance it was the Siedlaczek orchestra. I can't tell, since the files are long gone, and I can't even remember how long ago this was, in order to work out my setup at the time. I'm about 80% sure it's GPO though, so I decided to go ahead and post it.


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    Re: A touch of festival humour

    HA! What a great story, David!

    #1 thing here - This student was extremely fortunate to have you as an instructor. My goodness yes. The work you did with him surely helped him grow. Wonder what he's doing now?

    And I see at Soundcloud that this piece has been labeled "Cartoon Music," and also has the fun title of "Lazy Bones." hehe, great.

    Gave me a big, appreciative smile - Thank you, "Pingu," for brightening up the Festival!


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    Re: A touch of festival humour

    Hello Pingu, that was a fun story, really interesting background about music that was originally lacking a foreground! (It was a stretch, but I had to fit those two words into the same sentence)

    I really enjoyed the xylophone part, this could certainly become something of a xylophone concerto
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    Re: A touch of festival humour

    it's not GPO but fun nonetheless

    some nasty overload distortion going on but the music is very cool!

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    Re: A touch of festival humour

    You have to be one heck of a xylophone player for this piece, but I thought it was fresh and funny. "Cartoon Music" was perfect. Nice goin'!
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    Re: A touch of festival humour

    Quote Originally Posted by DPDAN View Post
    it's not GPO but fun nonetheless

    some nasty overload distortion going on but the music is very cool!
    Hi Dan - I should have known you could tell me whether it was GPO. The distortion will be me, not the samples - it dates back to when I was purely a musician, who really wasn't interested in the tools. Now I'm much more tech savvy, but the mp3 is all that's left, so I can't do a remix. Glad you liked it though.

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    Re: A touch of festival humour

    But you might well be able to edit your levels. Import the mp3 into Audacity (free, if you don't have it) and in the Nyquist filter set (also free, included in the base Audacity installation) is a gem called 'clipfix.' It can do wonders on sound levels that have pinned the needles.

    Delightful piece by the way.

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