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Topic: Anyone out there own Franz' Piano7???

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    Anyone out there own Franz\' Piano7???

    Does anyone... I mean anyone own Franz\' Piano7?

    I revisited the demo he has at vr sound and it appears very good to me.

    I have never heard of anyone hear owning it.

    I would love to get some feedback from... anyone that owns it.

    I want to get a new piano library (my favorite is still Hans\' Malmsjo) and need some comparisons of Piano7 with other top notch libraries.

    If anyone has some hands on advice they could state here that would be great, or email me directly if you want at brianalexmusic@attbi.com

    Thank you

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    Re: Anyone out there own Franz\' Piano7???

    This is an older library, I\'ve seen it around for 2-3 years, though never seen written user review anywhere. Franz made me a custom demo a while back, but I thought it lacked the dynamics to stand alone as a solo instrument. I\'m not sure that one perspective & 4 pedal up & 3 pedal down layers are \"up to par\" anymore. I know one fellow who has it & says it plays well. I believe it\'s in the $300 range though. If you seek a Yamaha, you can\'t go wrong with Vintaudio\'s Ultimate C7. It\'s a 3 perspective library (6CD) for $175, 6 layers pedal up & down. Another \"must hear\" is definitely Bigga Gigga\'s Studio Grand 88. Top notch quality for under $100. It holds its ground against any library & has a wonderful, sustained, unique tone. Check \'em both out!

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    Re: Anyone out there own Franz\' Piano7???

    \"The Piano\" released in 1994 offers 3 binaural positions 9 years before Vintaudio.

    vrsound Piano 7 Conservatory:
    Players, Singer\'s position.
    several celeb users like: Michel Colombien, Marty Davich, Marc Mancina (do not post here unfortunately)

    vrsound Harpsichord:
    Players, Listeners position

    vrsound Orchestral Harp:
    Players, Orchestral position.

    vrsound Timpani:
    close, small ensemble and big room position

    Thanks pianojoe for the kind words. Who else made you a custom demo?

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    Re: Anyone out there own Franz\' Piano7???

    Originally posted by franz:
    \"The Piano\" released in 1994 offers 3 binaural positions 9 years before Vintaudio.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I guess that makes you a pioneer, congratulations, I\'m sure it was a very good library in it\'s day [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    P.S. you should drop the whole music biz ( making a living from either being a musician, sound engineeer or any other job related to music)thing, Public relations is where you should be ! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Vintaudio Prod.

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    Re: Anyone out there own Franz\' Piano7???

    what music?

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