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Topic: The Legend of Erthia OST - Fallen Heroes

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    The Legend of Erthia OST - Fallen Heroes

    This is the composition I created for when the party perishes. It is basically the game over music on defeat. Unfortunately, I didn't use any Garritan Instruments for this composition, but I wanted to share it because I have been posting all my other LOE compositions.

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    Re: The Legend of Erthia OST - Fallen Heroes

    I agree with Randy on this one. Lush is a great word to describe this. You've done a really great job of creating a tragic setting for this. The simple melody is just perfect for setting the mood. It is unfortunate that those who play your game will primarily be feeling frustration when they hear this
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    Re: The Legend of Erthia OST - Fallen Heroes

    Thanks for the great feedback! I love composing the soundtrack for LOE. I am going to have to go back on some of the earlier compositions. I fixed up the Silverfin Tavern already using the techniques you shared with me.

    LOL! Thanks for listening. I like what you said about the player feeling frustrated at gameover when listening to the composition1 Thanks for the feedback!

    Just as a side note: LOE is progressing nicely!. I have an excellent dialogue writer helping me with the game. I am also still in the progress of writing out some more detailed information about the project. I was going to this a week or two ago, but I have been really busy and writing isn't my specialty :P

    Also, I forgot to mention, I do have a lot of the Mp3s available for download if you want to listen to them without youtube.


    Thanks for listening!

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