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Topic: [OT]:VST synths in Acid Pro

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    [OT]:VST synths in Acid Pro

    Completely off topic here, except that I think I trust this group more for this sort of answer than any place else I frequent.

    Can any talk about how stable and how usable they have found VST synths to be inside of Acid Pro 4.0? Specifically, I\'m looking at a couple of Steinberg VST synths, Xphrase & the Waldorf units, and want to know if they really work. I\'m running PTLE for MIDI. Acid may or may not be on that machine, but using a different sound card.

    This is not the same machine as where I run GSt. so I\'m not at all concerned with interactions in that area.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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    Re: [OT]:VST synths in Acid Pro

    I tried using acidpro as my vsti host.
    It did work.
    Ultimately I found it to be less than optimal so I spent the $60 on V stack.
    Much better choice.

    Acid delivered similair performance but its just plain awkward to deal with when using vstis.

    fruitly loops, V stack and several others may be better options for not much bread.

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    Re: [OT]:VST synths in Acid Pro

    Thanks for the pointer to V Stack. I\'ll go look into it. I will likely try Acid Pro also, just to see how awkward is though.

    Anyone else?


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