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Topic: Question for Peter Alexander - Windows XP

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    Question for Peter Alexander - Windows XP


    In your true spec systems are you able to get giga to load a full 1 gig in machines that have 1.5 to 2 gigs of ram?? I have 2 gigs in one of my XP machines and the Msg32.exe is only using 700 mb according to the task manager- the performance meter shows 1 full gig not being touched by giga or xp. Still, Giga will not load past 60% memory usage. When I try I get the Error Code 5 message : unable to allocate the memory required to download this instrument. It seems giga and XP are fighting over 1 gig of memory even though I have 2 in the machine. I know I have read on this forum there were fixes to this, I thought it might have been from you. Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated.


    Colin O\'Malley

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    Re: Question for Peter Alexander - Windows XP

    I\'m not Peter but ... read the thread at the VSL site\'s \"Gigastudio Topics\" forum titled \"Memory and XP once again...\" Navigate from here: http://vsl.co.at/index?http://vsl.co.at

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    Re: Question for Peter Alexander - Windows XP


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