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Topic: Assigning instruments to ARIA

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    Assigning instruments to ARIA

    Hi - I bought GPO 4 a month or so ago & have been trying out all kinds of stuff with the instruments.

    I have read the Garritan Manual but I still have a couple of problems:

    I can assign multiple instruments to one ARIA player but I'm not sure how to set this up within REAPER. The only way I can seem to have several instruments playing at the same time is to put each one on it's own ARIA player - so I end up with several images of the player onscreen at the same time - which is probably crazy?
    If anyone could outline the best way to do this or point me to the relevant page in the REAPER Manual I would be really grateful.
    (I am a complete beginner so all the technical terms & procedures are very new to me at the moment).

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    Re: Assigning instruments to ARIA

    Hi. And welcome to the forum.

    To assign an instance of ARIA to up to 16 discrete instruments/midi channels with Reaper you can try this

    You can right click on the Instrument in the FX Chain Window and select "Build 16 Channels of Midi Routing to this Track"...

    Also you can find much detailed explanations at Reaper Forums. I've found out this, that explains how to do the trick with GPO in Kontakt Player. Just substitute every reference to it with ARIA and it would work. I'm not an intesive Repaer user, but is less difficult to do than explain it. Good luck.


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