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Topic: Drums for giga that can match SRX Drums?

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    Drums for giga that can match SRX Drums?


    I am just wondering if there are any sampled drumkits that can match the sound and playability of srx-01 dynamic drums. I have not found anything else, but the roland card is quite expensive so..

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    Re: Drums for giga that can match SRX Drums?

    Hey Sharmy,

    I hear you re: versatilty, but do you find that the SRX card hold up in sound quality when matched kit for kit? I have been unable to compare them side by side (heard SRX card only in Sam Ash), but the libraries seem to have more resonance, presumably due to file size restrictions when placing so many kits on a 128 MB card. Should I reconsider the SRX? Sure would make my life easier.

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