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Topic: Thanks for the feedback re Total Rock Guitar

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    Thanks for the feedback re Total Rock Guitar

    Thanks for everyone’s comments and suggestions regarding my guitar library. All comments have been taken aboard and will be thoroughly considered. I liked JoelS\'s thought on actual looping chugs, as the machine-gun effect is something that I am trying to resolve. Would Re-cycle loops (for tempo control) be a good idea in addition to the main library? If not Re-cycle, maybe some Acid loops?
    In answer to a few other topics raised:
    - Little Dreamer - yes, Van Halen reference
    - There will be 2 distorted rhythm guitars, with the second being more extreme than the first. Each will have identical features. The first guitar was through a POD (good ears Tamino) whilst the second will feature my Marshall.
    - The palm-mutes currently have two velocity samples in the down-stroke and one on the up-stroke. Another one or two samples on the down-stroke coming.
    - a clean guitar has been planned for all you Amplitube users, and for the quieter moments in your songs. It too will have the same features as the distorted guitars.
    - Price (subject to change), I am thinking about US$75 for the first month as an introductory price, and around US$100 thereafter.

    Thanks again

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    Re: Thanks for the feedback re Total Rock Guitar

    I\'d probably pay $75.00 for it, $100.00 for some reason sounds alot more expensive. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Can\'t wait to check it out!

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    Re: Thanks for the feedback re Total Rock Guitar

    Any estimate on the size of this thing?

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    Re: Thanks for the feedback re Total Rock Guitar

    This library will be pretty big. 3 CDs minimum, more likely 4.
    I am thinking of pricing in the $75-100 bracket after seeing the price of other guitar libraries on the market, which range from $135-300. As this is Little Dreamer Productions first release, I need to price it so as many people as possible can gain access to it and begin to create a reputation for high quality product.

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    Re: Thanks for the feedback re Total Rock Guitar

    Not to rain on your parade, but....

    I love the \"idea\", but the demos leave me, well... not very excited. I think it may be good for
    people that don\'t have a guitar set up, but for guys like me it\'s a bit useless... partly because I\'ve
    got a Dual Recto etc. But honestly I \'would\' be interested if it sounded better. I sure hope you
    record a disc with a good amp, good mic pre, and good mics etc. (Royer R121). [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Just for the record: I bought a pod a few months ago just to see if it would work for direct (when
    I\'m being lazy). Nope, I could tell after 5 minutes (literally) that the sound was pretty much
    unusable... it just sounds like a toy, no balls (so to speak [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] ). It sounded \"D/I\". You need to hear
    the air even on a heavily distorted guitar track.

    I really think it would help using an amp because you\'d then be able to dial in a sound that\'s a
    little more current. As they say \"it\'s all about the tone\"...

    Next disc use an amp and I think you\'ll get a whole lot more sales.. even from guys like me that
    have the real thing!

    Just being completely blunt and honest with you.... I wish you much success! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Thanks for the feedback re Total Rock Guitar

    Keep in mind kid-surf that not everyone has a guitar setup or even knows how to play guitar!

    I do play and so I pretty much hate guitar samples myself, but I thought the demos sounded pretty good and fairly realistic for the style of music. You usually have to make some kind of compromises when using samples versus the real thing.


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    Re: Thanks for the feedback re Total Rock Guitar

    I totally agree with Kid-surf. If the \'tone\' isn\'t there, this library will be a bunch of cool articulations that sound too wimpy to be used in real metal music. And, really, theres no reason the tone should sound that way... can\'t you rent the necessary gear to get the big, aggressive metal sound that\'s on most every album released these days?

    It\'s the same as capturing the sound of a great violin or whatever instrument is being sampled. You want it to sound its best as you\'re recording it. The demos that have the POD on them don\'t capture a true metal sound. Listen to a few metal albums and you\'ll hear the difference. They\'re even a bit tame for hard rock.

    If the sound\'s there, I\'m definitely going to be interested in this lib. as it seems a strong effort is being made to capture the proper articulations for this style of music. If the sound of the guitars isn\'t up to snuff though, it really will diminish the usefulness in making real metal music (which otherwise this would seem to be perfect for).

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    Re: Thanks for the feedback re Total Rock Guitar

    Here\'s a link to what it should at least sound like... I did this by sticking a 57 on cab, run
    through the Avalon (no A/D).

    This is closer to the Nu-metal sound, in fact it is the nu-metal sound....

    BTW..this is one take, just to hear the tone, so it\'s just something thought up as I played.


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    Re: Thanks for the feedback re Total Rock Guitar

    Hey kid,
    Well....get to work. A rival guitar lib will make everyone work harder to be the best.
    That is a good tone w/o any tweaking.

    christianb [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Ahhh the sm57. Workhorse of the rock guitarist!

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    Re: Thanks for the feedback re Total Rock Guitar

    Thanks ChristianB,

    I might just do my own in a bit. I\'d actually like to produce a drum disc too... I mean even
    DKFH, is pretty weak in my opinion. The sound of these various products aren\'t \'legit\' for the

    Hmmmmm?...... Thinking? [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    I don\'t mean any disrespect to Ashley by the way. Merely I want to show the guitar tone
    you could get by spending about 10 minutes with a real set up. Just imagine what it would sound
    like if I\'d used an A/D converter and a Royer 121..... as well as dialed in the sound a little more.
    Talk about fat!

    If \"I\" did a disc I would spend at least a day dialing in the perfect tone... a tone that say\'s \"hey this
    tone is the real thing\". (meaning this guy is getting tones that are legit for the genera). I believe
    you need to do it right if you\'re gonna do it at all, the customers deserve that much. I mean just
    look at what people had to say about VSL and QLSO.

    My opinion....

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