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Topic: Yes another keyswitching question

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    Yes another keyswitching question

    I\'m trying to make my own instrument with eight keyswitches (i.e. looped sustain, portato, Marc B, Marc C, Stacc A, Stacc C, Gliss A, Swell A) for SAM horns. Each file has four velocity layers and the first four have release sustains.

    I can not get them to combine into one file without being reduced to either two velocity layers, or, worse, one layer. I\'m not worried about all being release triggered, as I can just \"map null sample\" on the last four.

    Editing and recreating the individual layers is going to be tedious and frustrating. It just makes this easier for writing one staff line (Horns 1/3 get Close version --middle and *slightly* to the left-- while Horns 2/4 get Far version --panned further left-- for a cool effect) for each Horn desk. Having one keyswitched file for each version will make it more inline with a lot of my other instruments.

    Any ideas, as I\'m all ears.

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    Re: Yes another keyswitching question

    Hey Russ I just answered your question in a private message.

    What you\'re trying to do is not possible in Giga 2.5. Four keyswitches is the max is you have four or more velocities in one of the keyswitches.

    Thus, it\'s not possible to make 8-keyswitch programs of the basic set (sustain, staccato) as they have 4 velocities. It is possible however to make 8-keyswitch programs of the special articulations, as, for instance, a swell only has 1 velocity and mutes sustain 2.

    Good luck,


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    Re: Yes another keyswitching question


    Weird, but I still can\'t get four to combine properly, as it still reduces them to 2 velocity layers. If it comes down to it I\'ll just create a german horn \'bank\' and cycle between them when composing. A little more hassle, but better than manually putting in velocity layers.

    EDIT: Nevermind. It looks like it\'ll go for the staccatos and special four bank, but not for the first four because of the release triggers. *growls*

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