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Topic: Choir advice

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    Choir advice

    If you didn\'t have a good choir library and were looking to buy just one, what would you recommend? VOTA looks best but I really don\'t want to dedicate a whole Giga to choir. Looking for mostly women\'s choir, traditional kind of Elfman and classical stuff more than world or ethnic. Is Classical Choir worth it or is it outdated?

    Thanks - Jeff

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    Re: Choir advice

    You don\'t need to dedicate a whole Giga to VOTA. Heck, I only have GigaStudio96 and I can use VOTA just fine. Maybe not the full men and women\'s choir doing complicated phrases. But enough to get by. Plus, you could always freeze tracks to free up polyphony.

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    Re: Choir advice

    My cousin just bought Symphony Of Voices by Spectrasonics, it\'s a little pricy, not much more than VOTA but seems to be a lot better. I have Halion and am looking to get some voice samples but have heard that the VOTA giga don\'t import good into Halion 2. I wonder if anyone has tried to import them to Halion 2 and can tell me how it went.
    Michael Duclon

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    Re: Choir advice

    I like the Vota quite a bit,(it\'s on sale right now at Soundsonline.com if you enter the prompt \"Birthday\" until the 16th of this month you save big. SOV is used quite a bit. i do not own it, but it may have more of the types of sounds you want? \"Armaggedon\" and \"the Lion King\" comes to mind. Another sugestion I may throw out is the upcoming \"Diva\" sample library specifically designed for softer sounding pianismo type of womans choir sound. I believe it is going to retail for $149. You can do a search for the past few days and get the link to the site to hear a demo. I think the producer is trying to go for a \"Charlotte Church\" type of sound with it.

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    Re: Choir advice

    I guess I should pipe up since I own both SOV and VOTA.

    VOTA is *AWESOME*, but lacks variety that SOV has. Vota just has mens and womens choirs with the Angels/Devil Choirs. SOV, on the other hand, has London Choirs, Gregorian, Boys Choir, lots of additional vocal effects, and \'pop\' choirs. BUT, SOV is limited in usage in some respects. You get a lot of the \'amen\', \'kyrie\' etc phrases, but you only get them at one bpm in one key, and there\'s only a few of them at that, so their usability kinda drops in that respect. VOTA allows you to build phrases with the VOTA Utility, which SOV can\'t do. VOTA also sounds less \'synthetic\' than SOV does as well, but I\'d expect that from a library (talkinga bout SOV here) that was designed for small banks in the first place. VOTA allows you to TOTALLY control the cross fades between ah/oh/mm/ee/etc, whereas SOV does not, as it\'s set in stone for its crossfade from one to another.

    So, since I could go on for forever, I\'ll sumarrize -

    VOTA - VERY good for \'hollywood\' sound, and building phrases, but lacks variety.

    SOV - Great variety, a little \'synthetic\', but a LOT of material to work with. Can\'t build phrases.

    Honestly, I wouldn\'t want to \'pick\' between the two. Both are very good, even considering the age of SOV. They can compliment each other quite
    nicely. But since you\'re after that \'Hollywood\' sound, I\'d have to recommend VOTA over SOV, in my opinion.


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    Re: Choir advice


    I looked at SoundsOnline for the VOTA/Birthday special, but couldn\'t find anything. Where exactly do I enter \"birthday\"?


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    Re: Choir advice

    Originally posted by JonFairhurst:

    I looked at SoundsOnline for the VOTA/Birthday special, but couldn\'t find anything. Where exactly do I enter \"birthday\"?

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Make your purchase by clicking on \"add to cart\", then click on \"check out\" which leads you to the End User License Agreement page. Click \"accept\". This will then take you to the check out page. Enter \"birthday\" in the Promotional Code box and hit \"recalculate\". That will show you how much discount you can get. You can then pay with your credit card from there.

    I just received my copy of VOTA and I haven\'t stopped experimenting with it hence as it is so captivating. The service was swift (I made my purchase last Friday and it arrived Monday morning - overnight if it\'s a weekday). Also, Nuno Fonseca, who wrote the VOTA Word-building Utility, has been awesome at helping me figure out a lot of issues that I didn\'t understand.

    Awesome - just awesome! [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]


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    Re: Choir advice

    Hi there,

    I own both VOTA and SOV too and I second everything that DevonB says, it\'s absolutely spot on. Both libraries are excellent. It isn\'t a question of one being better than the other, it\'s more a question of what you want to do with your choirs. Work that out first, and then decide which one to pick. Personally, I wouldn\'t be without either, they do different things well, and together will fulfill just about all your choir needs.


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    Re: Choir advice

    Jsut thought I\'d chime in here.

    I\'m developing some \"LITE\" patches via an art file for VotA. To free up Poly and RAM counts.

    I\'ve been done with the womens pretty much for a month (just need to delete extra patches), but haven\'t gone back to the mens yet.

    There are non release trigger versions, diatonically mapped versions with releases triggers and without, and there is a new vibrato KS version (an inverted modwheel attenuation control version of this patch is also here for layering is with the non vib version for Xfade control AND KSing of vowels).

    I\'ll finish it soon, however its wed and I\'m lazy, I\'ve got other stuff to do, and Reloaded is out tonight [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Choir advice

    Thought I would also add that Nick Pheonix, creator of Vota, has hinted at a Vota2 coming out at some point. I would imagine that this would be a much improved version of Vota that is a stand-alone(and/or vsti) thing that wouldn\'t require Gigastudio at all, same as their EWQLSO upcoming release.

    Don\'t know any timeframe here, but considering how amazing Vota(1) is, Vota2 should no doubt cover even more choir possibilities, and of course be even more amazing.

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