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Topic: Problem opening Aria in Samplitude Pro X

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    Problem opening Aria in Samplitude Pro X


    I've recently started experiencing problems opening Aria in Samplitude Pro X. Windows 7 64 bit machine.

    If I start a new project, Aria loads fine. After I save the project and try to reopen, Samplitude gets hung up trying to load Aria.

    Tried reinstalling Aria and Garritan libraries with no luck. Tried updating Aria to 1.5, no luck.

    Checked with Magix support and they couldn't figure it out. Any ideas?


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    Re: Problem opening Aria in Samplitude Pro X

    Quote Originally Posted by jbsouthside View Post
    ...Checked with Magix support and they couldn't figure it out...
    Hi, Jason - I was hoping a Samplitude user would have noticed your post and replied by now. One problem is that I don't recall ever knowing about a Samplitude user here, it's not a very commonly used program.

    This isn't good though, that tech support at Magix couldn't help you. They'd be the most logical source for an answer.

    I'm sure you've already been there, but here's the link anyway to the Samplitude user Forum. Maybe an experienced user who also knows about using Garritan can help you out:

    Samplitude Forum

    ARIA 1.5, the current version, is due to be updated very soon. A number of glitches are being addressed. The fixes I'm aware of are for Finale users - but maybe there's a technical problem with ARIA interacting with Samplitude that's also being addressed. I don't know, just guessing.


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