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Topic: OT: Hey Robert! Just heard the good news!

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    OT: Hey Robert! Just heard the good news!

    Phew...\"Angel\" will definitely be back next season, and Spike is joining the gang! Should provide for some interesting scores. Congrats, man! Can\'t wait for next season. And cool, this was my 100th post. Glad I saved it for a worthy occasion.
    And yes, I am a sci-fi/horror geek (my hero is the comic-book clerk from the Simpsons), and if anyone has a problem with that meet me at dawn for a duel with phasers set to kill. Sigh...I really gotta get out more...


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    Re: OT: Hey Robert! Just heard the good news!

    I just thought I\'d use my 100th post to say Congrats as well!!! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] I\'m a big fan of the show and especially your music!

    Keep up the great work!

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    Re: OT: Hey Robert! Just heard the good news!


    \"Phew\" is right: this year nobody knew until the last minute!!

    I will also be working on a new Daffy Duck series during the summer. (Huge space epic kind of stuff), but I am certainly relieved to know Angel will be back....

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    Re: OT: Hey Robert! Just heard the good news!


    Thanks for wuining the \"big emotional hit\" of Buffy\'s serie\'s finale for me. I\'ve stayed away from spoilers of Matrix anduffy and Angel all year...I didn\'t say anything warlier about this thread cuz I\'d hoped it wasn\'t as big as it was...atleast put something in the topic...or spoiler in the thread....the word \"spike\" isn\'t easy to miss in the thread (yes I know you didn\'t write the word spike, but thats the point)

    I kept hoping I didn\'t ruin the finale for me reading thie thread

    just a little pissed, and hoping it was all a front for the media...(if you knew me on IRC you\'d know how much I\'d been looking forward to this and the one thing I hope redeems finale tuesday for me)


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