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Topic: Sound Morphing Plugins

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    Re: Sound Morphing Plugins

    Originally posted by Jamie Haggerty:
    This one looks interesting to me http://products.prosoniq.com/cgi-bin/register?service=showdetail&refno=23
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Well, I own Magenta and have found it to be quite disappointing. I found the sound to be too metallic, not transparent enough. Everything ends up sounding the same.

    Vash, you didn\'t mention if you\'re on PC or Mac. If you\'re on Mac, I would recommend Pluggo. It\'s a suite of over 100 VST plugs that can do all kinds of things to sound. You can get a lot more info here:


    BTW, you also don\'t mention what your main host is - are you on Logic, ProTools, Sonar, etc?

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    Re: Sound Morphing Plugins

    I\'m on a PC using Cubase SL and Samplitude.

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    Re: Sound Morphing Plugins

    Originally posted by J. Whaley:
    Also I think I heard or read somewhere that Vocator will work as an FX plug on audio tracks. Does anyone know about this?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Yes J, Vokator will work as an FX plug on audio tracks. I love this baby and wrote a review which you can read at the bottom of this page: http://www.kvr-vst.com/get.php?mode=show&id=407

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    Re: Sound Morphing Plugins

    Vash, here you\'ll find a long list of free PC plug-ins:


    As well, if you read a few threads in K-v-R\'s FX Forum, you\'ll find out a lot more about the subject:


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    Re: Sound Morphing Plugins


    Check out Quantum-FX from dB-Audioware. It can do just about anything you can imagine with sound, and it has a \"Workbench\" interface where you can make your own processors if you want something totally different. It\'s a very cool package, and very reasonably priced.


    -- Martin

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    Re: Sound Morphing Plugins

    Thanks Ned, great links.

    Martin thanks. Do you have it? I am wondering how it compares to Waves in sound quality... The KvR members seem to love it.

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    Re: Sound Morphing Plugins

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    Re: Sound Morphing Plugins

    Originally posted by Ned Bouhalassa:
    Well, I own Magenta and have found it to be quite disappointing. I found the sound to be too metallic, not transparent enough. Everything ends up sounding the same.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Well that\'s good to know. It was tempting but without a demo I couldn\'t justify it. I do like the PiWarp for certain things. And it is pretty inexpensive.

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    Re: Sound Morphing Plugins

    Yeah, PiWarp is a great little plugin and works with anything.

    I don\'t usually find its single effects but weird or elaborate chains that fashion the best results. Sometimes just whacking a load together and listening to them feeding off eachother is a great way to make really organic, throbbing sound worlds.

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    Re: Sound Morphing Plugins

    There\'s only a few programs I know of that allow you to do true soudmorphing:
    -prosoniq sonicworx: this one has a number of morphing options, and can yield interesting results. You define a source (a) and a destination(b) file and morph between the two; not realtime but interesting none the less.
    -Soundhack (Mac): A somewhat workmanlike interface but it can do some great morphing (or mutating) effects; you can even define a curve over time of how it should morph.
    Not realtime either but I\'ve had some great results with this one.
    Best of all, it\'s free!

    King of the hill should be Kyma from symbolic sound. This is a standalone system, but can do morphing in realtime. The setup is a bit like protools; it uses its own dsp cards and has a modular realtime controllable and programmable system. People like BT, Blizzard software and some famous sounddesigners who\'s names I forgot use this.
    I\'ve heard some amazing examples of soundmorphing and mangling done with kyma, but it is relatively expensive.



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