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Topic: Thanks Peter A., for SCL event

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    Thanks Peter A., for SCL event

    I just want to thank Peter Alexander and his Truespecs team for putting on a very enjoyable event, last night here in LA.

    It was the official launch of the VSL Pro Edition which featured a nice presentation by Peter, the VSL guys and other essential, Giga/VSL related technology company reps.

    It ended with a great Thomas J. demo which is posted elsewhere on this forum.


    John Z.

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    Re: Thanks Peter A., for SCL event

    For those interested, follow this link to our home page. There you\'ll find the link to the music production trend talk I did:


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    Re: Thanks Peter A., for SCL event

    It was nice presentation. I was so happy about new info of FXteloport.

    It was interesting to listen to the conversiation between you and Prof. Sellers on counterpoint. I had learned harmony and counterpoint (up to 8-voice counterpoint) when I was a high school student. It reminded me what my teacher said \"you have to write harmony and counterpoint exercises every day. Otherwise, your skill get rusty.\"

    The VSL presentation was almost same as the one for the first ed. at West LA Music. However, they explained the repetition tool much better this time.

    I was glad that I had a chance to talk to the VSL representatives. It solved a lot of question like, oboe vib, oboe trill with release trigger, ram reduced version, and solo string...

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    Re: Thanks Peter A., for SCL event

    Thank you, John! I found out late last night that nearly 240 composers attended.

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