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Topic: Muted horns library?

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    Muted horns library?


    I\'m looking for a library (horns that is) that has muted samples. Maybe a variety of styles. I have Gigga brass only. Is there such a beast?
    Mike A

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    Re: Muted horns library?

    SAM and Dan Dean both have stopped muted samples in their Horn Section libraries. The only muted solo horn I know of is X sample brass, vol. 3 I think.

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    Re: Muted horns library?

    Kirk Hunter\'s brass also has muted samples.


    Of course Bigga Orchestral Brass has mutes on the effects gigs, but they\'re quite limited.

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    Re: Muted horns library?


    Thanks for the info. I am investigating your leads.

    Mike A

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