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Topic: sampling synth hardware sound

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    sampling synth hardware sound


    i want to do a sample library (yes, another one), for my use first, and maybe , why not releasing it commercially ?
    anyway, i will sample a lot of synth, so i want to know : have i the right to sample an hardware synth , and including these sample in my library, or must i pay the synth manufacturer, or maybe just having a kind of authorization ?

    i will sample Yamaha, Korg, Roland,Ensoniq...


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    Re: sampling synth hardware sound

    Well if Scarbee can sample a Rhodes and sell it, Michiel Post can sample a Steinway and sell it, Bardstown Audio can sample a Bosendorfer and sell it, I don\'t see why you can\'t do the same. Oh, except of course that in your Korg manual, you\'ll see that the licence agreement prohibits this kind of activity. Electronic keyboard manufacturers are more switched onto sampling than the average instrument maker. Meanwhile, Steinway and Bosendorfer\'s instruments are being digitally copied for profit left right and centre - and nobody\'s paying them a penny for the privilege.


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    Re: sampling synth hardware sound

    do a search. Lots of discussions

    depends on the keyboard

    can be illegal

    can be legal


    basically ,if the synth is based off of PCM waveforms, you\'re screwed.

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: sampling synth hardware sound

    Here are the legalities:

    It is not illegal or restricted to sample acoustic instruments of any kind. This is not equivalent to a \"digital copy.\" It is a recording.

    However, it is not legal to sample a sample, because a sample is a recording protected by copyright. Any hardware synth or sampler which is based in **samples** is illegal to sample. This would be equivalent to buying a sample library, sampling it, and selling it as your own sample library. It violates the copyright of the person who originally made the recording.

    Sampling a **synthesizer** is not illegal, because it is not based in copyrightable recordings like a sample-based keyboard. This is legally no different than sampling an acoustic instrument.

    Hope that clarifies the issues.

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    Re: sampling synth hardware sound


    ok, well, ...
    so, i have not the right to sample a keyboard sampler like Asr10 Ensoniq. ok.
    but i have the right to sample a synth keyboard (but who use PCM waveforms) like TS12 (always from ensoniq, right ?).
    here is the small list of keyboard i want to sample.
    Korg Triton
    Korg Karma
    Korg M1
    Korg Wavestation (a plugin version of it will be released this summer by korg)...
    Ensoniq TS10/12
    Roland D550 ...
    Yamaha Sy99
    Yamaha Motif
    Yamaha DX7
    Yamaha TX802
    etc ...

    so, i can\'t sample an hardware sampler (like thief). but i can sample a synth keyboard, also if this synth (like lot of nowadays workstation) is based on PCM waveforms ?
    right ?
    are you sure about it?
    no money or authorisation needed ?

    will do a search in the forum database tomorrow, Thanks !

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Sep 1999
    Dallas, Texas

    Re: sampling synth hardware sound

    It is not legal to sample synths based upon recorded waveforms. That\'s really the line. Of course, you can sample any keyboard technology for your own use. You just can\'t share or sell those to a third party.

    Trademarks are another thing, though. You might run into trouble if someone really wanted to take you to task for using their name for marketing purposes.

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    Re: sampling synth hardware sound

    You cannot legally sell samples of any of those synths except the TX802 and DX7. They are the only ones that are not based on PCM technology.

    For the rest, you need to obtain special licenses for each synth from Korg, Yamaha and Roland\'s legal departments...which can be quite tricky.

    Lots more info if you search the forum.


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    Re: sampling synth hardware sound

    \"..based upon recorded waveforms..\"

    \"..based on PCM technology..\"

    So what rules? The PCM or recording? I mean Wavestation, Waldorf MW, Prophet VS and perhaps Virus\'s non standard Oscillator waves must have been made by someone. Are these no-no as well?

    Looks like another neverending copyright run [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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    Re: sampling synth hardware sound

    PCM=Sample based=illegal.

    Virus, DX7 etc etc=not sample based=legal. Basically.

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    Re: sampling synth hardware sound

    The PCM or recording?
    PCM = Recording = copyright.

    Wavestation = PCM
    Waldorf MW = PCM
    Prophet VS = PCM

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