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Topic: When it has to be finished fast....

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    When it has to be finished fast....


    everybody knows the problem about such jobs were you have to be finished before you even can do an orchestra setup or start to work really.

    therefore certain companies sell finished libraries like scoring tools and stuff.

    i just want to ask you guys if you know a good or maybe really new sample-lib to buy which has finished orchestra snippets, like the scoring tools. i think the scoring tools are pretty cool and i also know the dark adventures stuff.

    maybe you can tell me if there is anything new, maybe cheaper, maybe more sounds to use.


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    Re: When it has to be finished fast....

    As far as I know...

    Symphonic Adventures
    Downtown Strings 1&2
    Orchestral Color
    Acid Orchestral Series 1~4

    I don\'t know how good they are, though.

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