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Topic: jazz drums, anyone?

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    jazz drums, anyone?

    I need jazz drum loops for a project. Any suggestions?

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    Re: jazz drums, anyone?

    Originally posted by Michiel Post:
    I need jazz drum loops for a project. Any suggestions?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Jazzistic from USB http://www.usbsounds.com/usb/exec/product?prod=AJZ I think Time Space is still selling it even though it\'s out of production.

    It\'s quite a nice lib although some of the playing is a little \"loose\".

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    Re: jazz drums, anyone?


    Check out Kick-n\' Jazz - it features the great Bernard Purdie (on over 4000 records) at www.numericalsound.com/smpcdgig.html

    Ernest Cholakis
    Numerical Sound

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    Re: jazz drums, anyone?


    I am working on a demo at the moment that features a nice jazz drum set from DS Soundware. This drum set has not yet been released, but I dearly love the sound of these drums. I\'ll be posting this demo either later today or tomorrow.


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    Re: jazz drums, anyone?

    I have not yet checked out Ernest\'s drums, but I am sure they are a real winner as well. I have great admiration for all of Ernest\'s work.


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    Re: jazz drums, anyone?

    Peter Erskine\'s Living Drums is also very cool:


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    Re: jazz drums, anyone?

    The Sonic Implants Drum Series 1 is pretty great.

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    Re: jazz drums, anyone?

    I have used Jazzistic before and it is great. Really authentic jazz loops and fills. Well-recorded, too.

    It\'s good to know about the other libraries as well.

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    Re: jazz drums, anyone?

    Thanks a million for these links, guys!

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    Re: jazz drums, anyone?

    Michiel, if you\'re doing your own programming of the drum parts PELD sound great, but if you need loops, the supply is extremely limited.

    I just received Ernest\'s set, haven\'t used them yet, but the WAVs sound excellent.


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