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Topic: Lite Strings-Garritan or Sonic Implants?

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    Lite Strings-Garritan or Sonic Implants?

    I am going to buy a Lite String Library and I am trying to decide if it should be the Garritan or the Sonic Implants...What do you guys reckon?..
    Any suggestions would be most welcome..Thanks..ajw

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    Re: Lite Strings-Garritan or Sonic Implants?


    I use the Garritan Lite Collection Exclusively for all of my Pop and Jazz scores. If you get a chance, give a listen to \"Fire and Rain\" on my website below. There is a small pretty interlude featuring the Garritan Lites. Mr. Garritan wrote me a nice private comment about the arrangement.

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Lite Strings-Garritan or Sonic Implants?






    And you could not say the info is not there... You can have even a lot of more results using only one of both terms you look for in the search function (hit \"search\" above the posts/topics)
    Or spend a visit to both dedicated sections on this board, for some general infos also about the \"big\" versions, that can also apply to the lite (sound, mixing, ...)


    EDIT: I just saw you did already post your question over there, too, my advice is to look out there a bit, no relevant info has been ever deleted yet by the moderators.

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    Re: Lite Strings-Garritan or Sonic Implants?

    The same question pops back up time and again. From personal experience, the GOS Lite collection is quite amazing and the price is so incredible for all the instruments and articulations that you get that it\'s very though to justify speding the extra $$$ on the SI collection but rather save the cash for another instrument group such as the excellent Dan Dean woodwinds!

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