when i first mixed this piece symphonic tranceform i found it very challenging as i have never mixed in this style before.
I found a few things that still need improvment.
1. the panning on the lead synth instruments:
which i initally did in logic i should have used the gold S-1 to collapse the image instead.
2. same panning issues for the orchestral intruments.
3. the bass riffs are to high- i noticed this on small speakers but seems ok on big monitors.
4. i just go the vsl so i may change many of the orchestral intsruments.
5. i may add some delay on the \"screaming\" lead section toward the end.

any suggestions or things that stick out to anyone please let me know- i hate feedback but its the only way to grow!
the instuments are:
bass: kurzwiel bass gallary
strings: gos lite
brass- bigga giga and vsl demo cube!
winds k2000 - orchestral - (will definitly change these)
loops: roland xv5080
pads korg x-3
lead instruments: yamaha VL70-m, xv5080
drums : k2000, roland
reverbs: logic and wave\'s trueverb for orchestral sections
thanks in advanced
mike harper