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Topic: So Long!

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    Cool So Long!

    Hi everybody,
    maybe some of you remember me, maybe many of you not. I was one of the first forum poster and demo maker for mr.G (you can already listen to "united we stand" or "autumn look" on the Garritan webpage).
    This just to say that finally I got my 1st album out, and I'll be glad for an eye or a comment from you. Then if you'd like to buy it I'll be glad more
    Also because it's cheap, and the Garritan sounds were extensively used in it.
    this is the link: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/francescomarchetti
    Soon it will be avilable on iTunes also.
    Let me know.
    nothing is forever

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    Re: So Long!

    Hi, Francesco - Really good to see you here. I listened to some of the clips, and the music is powerful and certainly "Cinematic," as in your album's name.

    --All the clips I played, however, have distortion on the tracks, and a rough, gritty sound to them. Sounds like over compression, going into the red, and maybe the rest is low resolution MP3 artifact?

    Out of curiosity, I downloaded the first demo clip and opened it Sound Forge. Here's what it showed - all the orange flags are places where the signal's been clipped:

    Sorry, either the MP3s introduced these problems, or the master was too hot--?


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    Re: So Long!

    Yay Rbowser!
    So technical !
    Thanks for the time you spent over it.
    The album is a compilation of various works, mixed by various people in different times, with different hardware and software, so maybe there should be some lacks. The whole project was submitted as WAV files 44/16, so it is possible about some conversion to mp3 issues.
    Anyway I think that the whole tracks are listenable, so it should be nice to have an emotional comment than a so-technical comment. However, if the first thing that hits you is the rough, gritty sound, maybe I miss my aim, which is to make good music...so I beg sorry and I will start to make some questions to myself. Sure It is my fault.
    Anyway thanks for your detailed report, I'll pay more attention in the future.
    Have a great day
    nothing is forever

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    Re: So Long!

    Hi, Francesco - I really like the music, and know other people here will too. Especially people who have an interest in film music - and we have a lot of new members who are.

    The MP3s are indeed very listenable - I just passed on what struck me, that the music isn't being served quite as well as it could be, but it's not as if what you haven't still isn't more than adequate.

    Best wishes on the project!


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    Re: So Long!

    Thank you very much Randy
    have a bright day
    PS.: could I kindly ask you if there is any favourite?
    all the best
    nothing is forever

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    Re: So Long!

    Quote Originally Posted by Francesco View Post
    ..could I kindly ask you if there is any favourite?...
    I really like the variety, and I don't usually pick or have "favorites"- but perhaps I'm partial to the last one, "To the Edge of Soul." All nice work, Francesco. Hope more Forumites take a listen.


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    Senior Member rpearl's Avatar
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    Jan 2005

    Re: So Long!


    I'll have to give it a listen. You are one of the main reasons I got GPO - you demo "Til the End" showed the library in a wonderful way. And it's a beautiful composition.

    Best of luck on your album!
    Ron Pearl





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    Senior Member Tom_Davis's Avatar
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    Ellendale, ND

    Re: So Long!

    I agree with rpearl - it was your work that first drew me to Garritan libraries.

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