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Topic: 2 cents from me: Riders of the lost GPO

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    Red face 2 cents from me: Riders of the lost GPO

    hi folks,
    here is a piece that I wrote some time ago, but I think it worth a listen...it is ALL-GENUINE-GPO with no external reverb and mastering tools. Could this enter the FESTIVAL?


    nothing is forever

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    Re: 2 cents from me: Riders of the lost GPO

    Big cheers, Francesco! What a night - I've heard Francesco over at General Discussion, now over here at The Listening Room Summer Festival.

    Bravo! I'm ready for the movie now!

    Wonderful work. I'm excited to have some of our real "movie nuts" hear this. They'll be equally impressed, I'm sure.


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    Re: 2 cents from me: Riders of the lost GPO

    ... with Randy "Indiana" Bowser


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    Re: 2 cents from me: Riders of the lost GPO

    Hello Francesco! I usually begin writing my reply as the music is playing so I can write what I am thinking as I am listening, but by the time I started, it was over!

    This is very short, but very bright and energetic. I agree this is very reminiscent of Indiana Bowser...er..Jones, Indiana Jones. I think the title sort of hints at that theme as well. This would make great trailer music as it would get the audience's pulse going and excitement thrilling for the movie, for sure!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
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    Re: 2 cents from me: Riders of the lost GPO

    What a fun piece, Francesco! My only suggestion would be more...more...more! I really would love to hear you expand this tune!

    Nice addition to our festival!!!

    Serenity Musician Productions (Gary A.)

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    Re: 2 cents from me: Riders of the lost GPO

    Thanks guys!
    this was just a test for the (at that time) new SAM brass samples, just trying to bring to the limit the fast attacks of the instruments, and responsiveness matters about EQ and sample programming.
    I was really happy for that update. I have layered many GPO instruments over a real orchestra for the upcoming animation movie "Gladiators of Rome". Should be out in USA in october. The final cue in the movie has a solo that I've played with the GPO Piccolo flute, as we hadn't time to teach the flute player for such an improvisation.
    GPO still rocks! and mr.G is a genius
    nothing is forever

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