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Topic: Having trouble with my "Kitchen Sink" download?

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    Having trouble with my "Kitchen Sink" download?

    I get auto-email from Box whenever something's being previewed or downloaded. Today I've been getting a really large number of download notifications for the Kitchen Sink SFZ percussion set I put together for ARIA.

    That's fine - I love it when people get use out of what I do. But I can't figure out why I'd get this abnormally high number of downloads in one day. It seems like maybe one person is trying over and over to get something and it's not working for them.

    I'm posting this in case someone here needs assistance on that - Lemme know, either by replying here or sending me a PM.


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    Re: Having trouble with my "Kitchen Sink" download?

    This is still mysterious - I woke up to more email notifications from Box that the Kitchen Sink folder had been downloaded 20 times over night. Maybe the link to it was posted on a music software site, and people outside of our Forum are finding it?

    Well, hmmm. Due to the unusually high traffic, I've rearranged the Kitchen Sink materials so that the sample folder and instrument itself can now only be accessed by contacting me directly and paying $5 for the instrument through PayPal.

    It's a bit like my release of the Autoharp SFZ instrument awhile back. I wasn't counting on hundreds of downloads from people not paying the requested $10 donation, so some time ago I changed the file set up for that so the instrument itself can only be downloaded after $10 has been paid through PayPal. Note that it would still be appreciated if Forum members who downloaded the Autoharp for free would avail themselves of the PayPal link on the Autoharp site.

    But, if there's someone here who has tried multiple times to download Kitchen Sink, but is having some sort of technical problem, do let me know. PM and email info are both accessed under my user name on this post.


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