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Topic: I have a question about GS Edit

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    I have a question about GS Edit

    Um? Do I get a prize after the 100th crash?


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    Re: I have a question about GS Edit

    Just be gentle.

    And don\'t raise your voice to it.


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    Re: I have a question about GS Edit

    would flowers work?

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    Re: I have a question about GS Edit

    Try saving after every edit. A pain, I know, but it protects your work.

    I\'m not a developer of large sample libraries, but the only trouble I\'ve had with the editor crashing has been (A) when memory was low and (B) when some other Windows processes tried to take place at the same time that I was saving a file.

    Hope you won\'t feel insulted by the following suggestions:

    Be sure you\'ve cleared your memory as much as possible, before you even start Giga (remember you\'re asking the program to deal with enormous files):
    1.Clear out all of your internet and other temp files and then reboot.
    2.Once you boot your system, don\'t load anything before Giga. (Many programs never clear out of memory entirely even after you close them. Microsoft products are notorious about ghosting and causing crashes.)
    3. Use Ad-aware to get rid of any programs that may load into RAM and stay hidden. (Be sure to check your System dialog box to be sure you have at least 90% of your resources free before even starting Giga.)
    4. Use the System Configuation tool in Windows to get rid of other things that may load into RAM without your knowledge. You can get rid of Ptsnoop, for example, and free a few kilobytes by changing its name and then deselecting it in the Startup section of the System Configuation utility. If you press CTRL-ALT-DEL once and see any files there that you don\'t recognize or understand the need for, do a little research--put the name of the file into Google and you\'ll find out whats needed and what.

    Hope some of this helps.

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    Re: I have a question about GS Edit

    \"Hope you won\'t feel insulted by the following suggestions:\"

    Let\'s replace insulted with GREATFUL!!!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: I have a question about GS Edit

    bettter than saving your file constantly is to save art files constantly. On big gigs saving takes an enormous amount of time. Saving Art files on teh other hand, is no big thing.

    I usually plan out my updates/changes, then go through and make them all, periocally saving art files in case of crashes. This way when I do actually save (and if it doesn\'t crash), I can test all my changes/edits at once, then go back and make adjustments across all the patches without having ot save until the next \"big check\"

    If it does crash, you just load up the patch again after rebooting, then load up the latest art file. Then all is usually good with the world

    Another good thing to do, is to make a backup of the gig you\'re working on. The gig can get corrupt, then you may have to start over importing files and creating the general gig again.

    BTW. I dont crash as often as many of the people here. I mean I do crash a bit, but for some reason (maybe my workflow), it jsut doesn\'t bother me much.

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    Re: I have a question about GS Edit

    King, that\'s a great suggestion, to save the ART files only. Now if we could just apply a shortcut key to that function... [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]


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    Re: I have a question about GS Edit

    Alt-F T Enter Y.

    After a while, you start pressing those keys in your sleep.

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