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Topic: First time VSLer

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    First time VSLer

    Hi All

    I\'ve been recomended to come to this site by some chaps on the VSL forum. I am pretty new to the whole computer music scene and want to get into orchestral/film scoring - pretty big ambitions eh?

    Anyway I have my own website and am looking for feedback on my work and would be very grateful if anyone could point out how to make my music better.

    My first VSL composition can be found here : VSL

    Please provide me with any feedback you can on this or my other song, either in this forum or on the feedback page.



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    Re: First time VSLer


    Welcome to the NS forum!

    I love the Middle Eastern flavor to this. But the basses are way too up front.. they\'re overpowering. I don\'t know if VSL has slides for strings, but it would be nice to use them on the basses. Their changes are almost too perfect/mechanical. Actually it sounds like that for most of the strings in the piece. You need to \"humanify\" it a bit. What are you using as your sequencer? And what about your MIDI keyboard?

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    Re: First time VSLer


    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the bass is a bit too much. I\'ve used the sustained Contrabass samples as they last forever (well nearly). I could use the legato Contrabass but it doesn\'t sustain as long (anyone any ideas on how to remedy this).

    The viola is the legato viola patch and everything was played in \"live\" (i.e. non quantised) from my Roland A-37 keyboard.

    I use CubaseSL, HALion (can\'t afford GIGA) and as mentioned played everything in live (except the drums). If anyone has any clues on making the violas sound more \"real\" please help!



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    Re: First time VSLer

    >> I could use the legato Contrabass but it doesn\'t sustain as long

    Looped sounds are coming!

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    Re: First time VSLer

    immediately after triggering the legato transition, step on the sustain pedal, quickly retrigger the note and hold, and release the sustain pedal.

    done quickly this works well.

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    Re: First time VSLer

    Originally posted by Sharmy:
    Yes they are, but I do not believe they will be on Performance legato patches. I thought those were not recorded long enough to loop, and if they had been then the patches would take up more memory than they do now.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Correct.

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    Re: First time VSLer

    Sorry to OT on your thread here Tim (neat cue, and great suggestions already)

    The looped Legato samples would not require more memory. They are however too short to loop without sounding cyclical (in the current version of giga atleast).

    There was an idea I had to make them loopable, but it would have increased the size of the patch itself requiring more diskspace (before you say \"thats not so bad\" consider that some of the legato patches are over a gigabyte already, then imagine it multiplied x3-4, and you ahve some compatability issues). Get it right you guys ;P hehee

    seriously tho. With giga 3 coming there will be many more options for getting longer sustains with the legatos. I\'ve already built preliminary patches with one of these options in giga 2.5 with multiple port layering. Works fine and dandy.

    In Kontakt this can be done already. The only problem is that it requires an extra note of poly on note start, for about .5-1 seconds. Not a bad trade off tho. Also with giga 3.0 and kontakt one will be able to build much more elaborite patches. Effectively having alot more options in \"one patch\".

    There\'s also the possibility that the legato tool will take care of this for us. (using one of the above methods)

    So long story short, there\'ll be more options in the future. Its mostly a giga limitation right now.

    Ways around this are to do the retrigger thing I mentioned

    Layer in a sustain from the Cube and use CC11 to crossfade between the two on two tracks

    Take a legato patch and invert its amplitude control via the mod wheel, and then layer it with the normal sustain MIDI track (with amplitude set to modhweel), then use the Mod wheel to crossfade into a longer sustain when needed. (or do it with two of the same legato patch with one channel with legato \"turned off\", so you save on RAM)

    lots of things to try, none of them as easy as asking \"why didn\'t they just record them longer and loop them?\" [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] oh well cant win them all.

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    Re: First time VSLer

    Thanks for the suggestions. By the way, I think they didn\'t record them longer because the musicians would have ended up with collapsed lungs [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Re: First time VSLer

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I\'ll keep plodding on with it all, its great fun even if the end results are far from perfect.



    PS. No idea what CC11 is (Modwheel?)

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    Re: First time VSLer

    I can just about smell the camel dung and it\'s rare when that\'s a good thing.
    My one critique - outside of the suggestions you\'ve already had - is that I felt the oboe at the top was a bit too forward for this piece. The mysterious nature of it makes me feel that it should be pulled back a bit and coated in a nice shellac of verb. To a certain extent, the same goes for the congas (?) that come in later. All in all a nice piece, although a bit clean for me.

    keep it up.

    Sharmy is right about this forum. A LOT of helpful people and great composers to try and steal from [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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