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Topic: Electronic drum kits

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    Electronic drum kits


    I am looking for good electronic drum kits, preferably in Halion 2 format (but that is not necessary, as I can always convert to Hal format). Previously, I have always used sampled acoustic kits, but now I have this urge for electro/drum machines...

    The standard Roland fare is of interest, but so is Linn etc.

    I already have a few free electronic kits that I have downloaded (including the Echochamber ones)...

    Also, is there really a need for various velocity layers in electronic kit sample instruments?

    Please recommend and comment.

    All the best,


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    Re: Electronic drum kits

    Native Instruments have a VST called Battery. It has an 80\'s kit that includes the electric toms etc.

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    Re: Electronic drum kits

    Hi Scott,

    And thanks for replying.

    I will perhaps look into Battery. However, I am primarily interested in a sample library that I can use in Halion. Strangely, there doesn\'t seem to be one around, at least not a comprehensive one. Very odd!

    Also, does anyone care to have a go at my question regarding the potential benefit of velocity layering of drum machine samples?

    All the best,


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    Re: Electronic drum kits

    I really like the Native Instruments Synthetic Drums. You can listen to a bunch of demos here:
    NI Synth Drums

    I don\'t know how difficult it would be for you to convert these to Halion though.

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    Re: Electronic drum kits

    Platinum 24: Electronic Drums sure sounds like what you\'re looking for:


    As for velocity, I believe it offers some kits with layers. If you want to be accurate, however, you should forego this option, as the drum machines used in the 80\'s didn\'t have much in ways of layers (minimum velocity sensitivity).

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    Re: Electronic drum kits

    Oh, and this one seems to have all the early drum machines:


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    Re: Electronic drum kits

    Hi Ned and Dana,

    Thanks for replying.

    Ned: At least it seems like I\'ve found what I am looking for. Also, thanks for pointing out the non velocity sensitivity of the original machines.

    Dana: I think Halion cannot import the NI format, unfortunately.

    All the best,


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