Last night it hits me.
Something that would make Mach 5 THE go to sampler.

M5 can use Plugsound libraries. You just put an alias of the .dat file in M5\'s sounds folder.

What if M5 could load Atmosphere, trilogy, stylus etc in this same manner!?!?!?

Since M5 is always in multimode.......
you could layer samples WITH atmosphere patches. And SAVE those new multis!
No extra instances and midi routing required.

Eric, I am sure this idea came up.
Please reconsider it.
It would increase the potential of both M5 AND your libraries.
And since M5 is based on the same engine I bet it would not take much to make this work.

Dear Motu.
Make this happen. Pay Eric whatever it takes.
It would make M5 an even stronger contender.

Talk about a Triton killer, a Motif es Killer, a Roland fantom S killer.

Imaging loading a gigabyte of custom samples from all our libraries.
And then being able to create patches with them that uses the sounds from spectrasonics vsti\'s.
I can easily hear the choirs from heart of africa all multi stacked so the mod wheel steps through all the syllables. Then layered with pads from atmoshpere! plus a slow evolver that opens up 20 seconds into the patch.