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Topic: Post Historic Keyboards released!

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    Post Historic Keyboards released!

    New Library

    I just finished the new library that was announced some weeks ago: Post Historic Keyboards.
    This library features all the historic keyboards you can imagine: a Flemish harpsichord, a Frensh harpsichord, a Virginal and a Fortepiano. The harpsichords have been sampled so that you get both manuals separately AND combined. You can even use a key switch to change the registration (from upper manual only, to lower manual to both at the same time) while playing. All instruments are captured with their release sounds giving them an unbelievable realistic quality. The library is available in a Giga and a Kontakt version. Both are uncompressed and should run on any platform (Mac and PC).

    There is a special introduction offer (running one month) and an upgrade path for current owners of one of the following libraries: Post Harpsichords Vol 1, Post Harpsichords Vol 2 and Post Fortepiano. Basically when you have one of these titles you get a major discount and when you have two or more the update is free. We do need the original packaging of your current library as proof when you order the upgrade. If you don’t want to upgrade but rather have the harpsichord samples alone (that were noise reduced to remove unwanted rumble) replaced you can order a special Harpsichord replacement update.
    All these products will be available in my on-line shop tomorrow.

    I made a couple of Bach’s Goldberg Variations demos (Aria and Ouverture) of each patch using the new sounds that can be found here:
    Flemish Lower manual
    Flemish Harpsichord Lower manual
    Flemish Harpsichord Upper manual
    Flemish Harpsichord 2 manuals
    Frensh Harpsichord Lower manual
    Frensh Harpsichord Upper manual
    Piece of Philip Glass ;-)

    The library price is $ 165. The introduction offer is $125.
    The upgrade price (when you have one title) is $ 60. And finally the replacement disk will be $15 for shipping and handling costs.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Post Historic Keyboards released!


    When you say you want the original packaging back do you mean the artwork, the jewel case and the disc itself or just the artwork that was inside the jewel case?


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    Re: Post Historic Keyboards released!

    The packaging and the artwork will do; according to the oroginal license you own the disk (on which the licensed data is carried) and you can keep on using that disk, also when you start using an update.


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    Re: Post Historic Keyboards released!

    What a work.

    But you mean, a new offer. Not a new library, or I miss something ?

    Good deal, anyway.

    Will you plane a good Pleyel or Erard one day ?

    (Just one thing : Frensh ? A new country in Europe ? We are already 15... 25 soon, so 26 I guess...)


    The French dyslexic who speaks badly English.

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    Re: Post Historic Keyboards released!


    Do owners of the DVD Giga Collection (Vol. 1) get the same free update deal as owners of two or more of the separate libraries?

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    Re: Post Historic Keyboards released!

    Originally posted by Crystal:
    What a work.
    But you mean, a new offer. Not a new library, or I miss something ?
    Good deal, anyway.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">You are right, the recordings served as a basis for the previous libraries. But this collection is new, and so is the offer!

    Originally posted by Crystal:

    Will you plane a good Pleyel or Erard one day ?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Yes, I\'m looking at several new pianos to capture; Fazioli, Erard, Pleyel, and others.
    Planning this work is very complex and takes some time. I\'m not shure yet which one will come first. Obviously the demand for \"old\" pianos will not as big as for the \"modern\" grands so that might dictate the priority. On the other hand the current technology makes it possible to really re-create the Pleyel sound and that is a dream to come true.

    Originally posted by Crystal:

    (Just one thing : Frensh ? A new country in Europe ? We are already 15... 25 soon, so 26 I guess...)
    The French dyslexic who speaks badly English.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Yeah,...we never have enough countries to join the party, haven\'t we?

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    Re: Post Historic Keyboards released!

    Originally posted by Lee Blaske:
    Very interesting collection.

    Are there more ambiently miked banks of the instruments, or just the close miked versions?

    Also, is the Kontakt version 24 bits?


    Lee Blaske
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">The French Harpsichord is the ambient miked one, the Flemish is close miked. The virginal is in between and the Fortepiano is rater ambient too.
    I\'m a big fan of ambient recording. I hate the sound of an acoustic keyboard instrument recorded with the mics cranked all the way against the strings, thus loosing the \"full\" and rich sound the strings produce when given enough distance and space.

    The original material was recorded in 24 bits (3 years ago) but there is not much to gain keeping the material in 24 bits. I used the Waves dithering algo to go back to 16 bits. I just recently found out the the Nemesys dithering actually sounds better! If you drag a 24 bit file in the editor and save the gig, GEdit will convert the sample to 16 bit using an extremely good algoritme. I compared the result (test sinus) side by side to Waves and Apogee and prefer the Nemesys sound. Cleaner, quiter and more musical. A hidden feature in Giga!

    Note that a typical harpsichord playback volume is very soft (the instrument is very soft) so the extended dynamic range that 24 bits recording offers was only used in the pre-mastering phase of the production process and not on the playback end of the chain.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Post Historic Keyboards released!

    Originally posted by DCB:

    Do owners of the DVD Giga Collection (Vol. 1) get the same free update deal as owners of two or more of the separate libraries?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hi David,
    Well shure, DVD Giga collection owners get the free update. Please send an email so we can process the request!

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    Re: Post Historic Keyboards released!

    Hello Michiel Post!
    How can I just get the update for the french harsichords?
    To save time and money I\'d prefere to download it, because the harpsichord is only 80 mb. As proof that I really purchased it, I can send you a copy of the bill (scanned) with the telephone number of the shop. So you can call them if you like to. Icsn also scan you the cd itself.

    I regret you never answered one of my e-mails, neither adressed yourself personally to me in this forum. Can you please tell me the reasons for this?

    So thank you in advance for your support,
    Markus Schmidt.

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    Re: Post Historic Keyboards released!

    Hi Markus,
    Your message should not be presented here in this public forum in my view, no matter how unsuccesfull your previous attempts to contact us have been, I will answer your post anyway.

    The procedure to recieve the update is explained in detail on our website (postpiano.com) and in my previous answers in this topic. If you don\'t understand these instructions please try emailing to postpiano@NOSPAMxs4all.nl and we\'ll expalin them to you.

    We never recieved messages from you, maybe you have my adress wrong. My secratary didn\'t receive email from you either. Or our email provider blocked your emailserver; they block all providers that are on their black-list, known for spamming activities.

    Downloading: we will never offer anything for download, no matter how convenient for the customer. The reason is simple: we try to keep our material outside the reach of those who abuse the internet by spreading/copying downloadable data. By offering our material via the internet we feel the risk that pirated copies start living their own life is simply too big. I understand this is frustrating for our customers. Piracy is even more frustating for us.

    About the artwork: we need it as proof of your purchase.
    And we don\'t have the seperate data for the French Harpsichord on a cd, we have the data for both harpsichords on cd.


    Michiel Post

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