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    Man I love my customers! Last week they sent in 8 magnificent demos featuring the PMI Steinway D and Bösendorfer 290 libraries. I have added them to our company demo section.

    Chris Nicolaides (AXIAMUSIC) sent in these pieces for a film. They are from the build up to a wedding that ultimately doesn\'t happen. He used Gary Garritan\'s strings and the PMI Steinway D:
    nr 1
    Nr 2

    Duncan Brinsmead made the incredible rendering of the Brahms piano concerto using a modified version of the PMI Steinway D:
    2nd movement

    From Ken Saku (Japan) we recived these great pieces featuring the PMI Bösendorfer 290;
    Chopin Nocturne
    ”This is an experimental mastering for making antiquated sound (like a \"Old GRAMMOPHON Vinyl sound\", I intended this).”
    * Both recordings were performed with the GRANDIOSO BOSENDORFER 290 WET 16 layer

    Finally, we recieved this composition from Steve Chandler:
    “A new dramatic work of virtuoso difficulty (I\'ll never be able to play it). It builds in intensity using a economy of thematic material, semitones and augmented harmony. This piece constantly reinvents itself with greater rhythmic freedom and increasing intensity. I hope you enjoy it.”

    I hope you enjoy this music as much as I did!

    Michiel Post

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    Hi Michiel,

    Thanks for the plug. I\'d been wondering how I might let folks here know about my Rhapsody, but just hadn\'t gotten around to it. It really does show the wide variety of sonorities of the Bos. Thanks.

    Steve Chandler

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    Just piping in here to say that in my view the Post Wet Bosendorfer samples are currently the best (most realistic) sounding piano samples on the market. I don\'t just mean they are the best Bos samples, I mean they are the best piano samples of any kind, period.

    When I make this bold statement I am referring to the realism of the sample. I am not looking at issues of playability, which for me raise a number of separate and distinct issues. A sample that is recorded close to the strings, for example, like the Truan Steinway B (a superb sample) is usually very playable, even if the tone is not exactly that of a real piano. With the Post wet BOS samples, however, if the source (or midi file) is on the mark, the result is as close to a live piano recording as you will find anywhere. I can\'t honestly and truthfully say as much of any other piano sample currently on the market. Yes, it is an \"ambient\" sample, and that introduces what some would call a \"limitation\" right away. True enough. But the pay-off is that you get a truly pianistic tonal quality, in all ranges of the instrument. That, I\'m afraid, just can\'t be said of many other fine and playable samples currently on the market.

    I\'m gradually revamping all my Bach WTC 1 (24 Preludes and Fugues, Book 1) with the BOS, thus replacing the venerable Truan Steinway B. I\'ll be uploading Prelude #6 tonight, and I\'ll leave the earlier Steinway B version up for a while as a point of comparison. I think the difference (improvement) will be fairly obvious. Note, verb fanatic that I am, I added even more verb to Post\'s original wet Bos sample!

    J. Grant

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    Really love the demos, Michiel. You have some talented customers. (Not sure I include myself in that though.) [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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