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Topic: Kontakt Midi Setup?

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    Kontakt Midi Setup?

    I\'m not sure how to configure my MIDI setup when running Kontakt. I\'m running Cakewalk Pro Audio 9. What should my Midi Ins and Outs be in both Cakewalk and Kontakt? I also have Midi Yoke I use for maestro tools. Is it possible to run giga and kontakt simultaneously?

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    Re: Kontakt Midi Setup?

    Aaron, I run Kontakt in Cubase as a VST. Are you running it as a DXI inside Cakewalk? (Only guessing as I don\'t use Cakewalk) If so, set the midi out of the track in your sequencer to Kontakt. Midi in is of course your midi trigger.

    By default Kontakt\'s midi receive is set to omni so should pick up anything you send its way. Just click on it and select a midi channel.

    Sorry if this is not what you mean. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    And yes, you can run Kontakt and Giga side by side. I do it on almost every project.

    Cheers, Scott.

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    Re: Kontakt Midi Setup?


    Since you\'re using CWPA9 I guess you already know you will have to use Kontakt in stand-alone mode since DXi support came with SONAR. In order to use both Giga and Kontakt simultaneously you will have to have at least 2 ports configured in MidiYoke (if you\'re on Win2K or WinXP I think it\'s preconfigured to 8, but as I don\'t use MidiYoke myself anymore I\'m not sure). Configure Kontakt to use one of these ports for midi-in and use the other for Giga. In Cakewalk, enable both ports in the midi devices setup.

    On the audio side you need enough outputs to be able to run three different drivers at the same time. WDM/MME for CWPA, ASIO for Kontakt (if you need low-latency that is) and GSIF for Giga...

    This should be possible to do, but you will miss out on some of the very nice things about DXi/VSTi integration. If I were you I\'d consider upgrading to SONAR when possible (I\'m using SONAR 2.2 BTW).


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    Re: Kontakt Midi Setup?

    I\'m super confused....

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    Re: Kontakt Midi Setup?

    What\'s stand alone mode? Are you basically saying having only Kontakt open and not Cakewalk?

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    Re: Kontakt Midi Setup?

    Kontakt can act as its own application, along side your sequencer like Giga Studio does.

    Itn can ALSO run as one of several \"virtual Instrument plug-in\" formats that are standards for different sequencers

    One of those formats Is VST-Instruments (what\'s being refered to as VSTi). This allows you to run Kontakt \"within\" the sequencer, as opposed to along side.

    Another Format is DXi (Direct X Instrument). Again, it allows you to run Kontakt within the sequencer, instead of Along Side.

    Sonar supports DXi I believe, but Cakewalk doesn\'t support any Virtual Instrument Plug In formats.

    So you\'ll have to run it along Sideyour sequencer like Giga. Problem is you\'ll also need a Virtual MIDI Router to do so. Hubi\'s Loopback, Marble Tools, MIDI Yoke, all of these should work.

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    Re: Kontakt Midi Setup?

    Actually, see if you can get the VST wrapper... Again I\'m not sure if this will work in Cakewalk. But I believe the wrapper is a free download for one instrument.

    Having Kontakt as a virtual instrument is really the way to go and one of its great strengths IMO.

    I wouldn\'t even contemplate running it as a stand-alone personally.

    Cheers, Scott.

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    Re: Kontakt Midi Setup?

    Cakewalk does have an excellent VST wrapper that was released with Cakewalk\'s Project 5. If you have Cakewalk Project 5 installed on your computer, this VST wrapper will automatically work with Sonar. I believe this same VST wrapper can be purchased separately from Cakewalk as a download for small price. With this new integrated VST wrapper from Cakewalk, you no longer need to mess with any clunky midi linking or loop back tools when using VSTi\'s with Cakewalk or Sonar.

    Kip McGinnis
    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Kontakt Midi Setup?

    King already answered your questions before I got back here, but post back if you need more info.

    Just a note... The speak of VST->DX adapters in the other posts won\'t help you since Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 don\'t support any type of integrated virtual instruments.


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