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Topic: Orchestration Challenge #19

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    Orchestration Challenge #19

    Here's another winning entry from the Garritan Orchestration Challenge we used to do in General Discussion. It's something we could do again if there's enough interest.

    Here's the archive at Sean Hannifin's site - note that the submitted motive was mislabeled as "Challenge #18," and the page wasn't updated with the entries. This was what the entries needed to orchestrate and develop:

    Challenge #19 melody

    And here's the original General Discussion thread on this round of the contest:

    General Discussion thread on Challenge #19

    And here's my entry that won the round:

    Challenge #19 winning entry

    Nostalgically Yours,
    Randy B.

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    Re: Orchestration Challenge #19

    Hi Randy...

    ... Ahh... Yes, The Orchestration Challenges ... a LOT of fun and it was always so neat to hear a bunch of different approaches and arrangements on the same source material. As a matter of fact, it was one of your challenges that lured me into submitting my very first piece of shared music here at the Garritan forum ... been hooked ever since!

    I had never heard this one, so really enjoyed listening (I did, from Box the other night, but have just downloaded it for my "Best Of" future listens as well).

    Besides the obvious craft that went into developing a single-note melody into a full-blown, fully-orchestrated piece of high-quality music, I liked the way you contrasted the short, clipped feel of the original melody, with nice, sonorous legato passages ... great contrast. I also love anything where the WW have a featured role.

    The whole arrangement/orchestration left me feeling like this piece could have easily been an underscore for an episode of "Murder She Wrote"; light and generally pleasant, but with an undercurrent of something ominous.

    Thanks for the continued trip down memory lane!


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    Re: Orchestration Challenge #19

    Thank you for post, Frank. I know from Box auto-emails that quite a few people have played or downloaded this. Now it's good to have confirmation that the MP3 really does work!

    Even though this and my previous Orchestration Challenge post haven't attracted much attention, I still have hopes of getting new and old Forum members interested in reviving the contest.


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