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Topic: More Harpsichord (Green is the Scrozzle)

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    More Harpsichord (Green is the Scrozzle)

    Lately, my efforts have been expended on the Harpsichord, reading construction details, history, etc.
    I have a bunch of transcriptions of my music in various stages of completion. This one was a real problem. Now that it is finished, I like it better than the original piano version. The assignment of parts to the hands is much improved, but the range is drastically reduced. The piece seems to feel more at home in this new setting. This does not require a two manual instrument.It could make good use of Wanda Landowska!

    Green is the Scrozzle (Harpsichord)

    The mp3 uses GPO Harpsichord and Sonar, with Fatar Studio keyboard.

    When the link takes yoiu to proper page at Score Exchange, you will see, at the top, in the large block, an mp3 button, which will enable you to listen. I don't think downloading is possible. If you wish, you can preview the score and listen at the same time to the midi version. While viewing the score, the MP3 is not functional. You will need the Scorch plug-in to view the score. It is free and for most of you, a fast and easy download and installation.


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    Re: More Harpsichord (Green is the Scrozzle)

    Hi Richard,

    It was fun to hear your usual style and flavor, but this time directed to the harpsichord; a new color for me, although you must have other harpsichord pieces out there based on the thread's subject title.

    The harpsichord seems to fit your style quite well ... I think I prefer it to organ, but not quite as much as your piano pieces. This is probably nothing much more than my being more familiar with the sound of a piano vs. the other two.

    The harpsichord has a nice gritty edge for this piece; thanks for the listen ...


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    Re: More Harpsichord (Green is the Scrozzle)

    I wonder why, but this time the MP3 player at Score Exchange didn't work for me like it did last time I was there. A pop-up came up with the MP3 player and controls - but the file wouldn't play. So I right clicked to download it, and that worked. Could just be some change on my computer I'm not aware of.

    The MIDI player which is in sync with the score worked perfectly as usual.

    The music is too seemingly random and cacophonous for me to enjoy, which of course only speaks to my personal taste.

    Thank you, Richard.


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