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Topic: Atmosphere - can I do this?

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    Atmosphere - can I do this?

    Hey I\'m wondering if there\'s any way to change the time of evolving pads in atmosphere. I know I can\'t beat lock it via MIDI clock, but if I could just get the times to be close I\'d be happy enough.... anyone know how to do this? Or can I? Ever?

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    Re: Atmosphere - can I do this?

    It\'s made of samples, there is no MIDI going on in the Atmosphere module AFAIK - its only playing back waveforms, so there is no way you can do this - you can of course record them and do timestretching on them.

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    Re: Atmosphere - can I do this?

    A lot of the evolving stuff is happening with envelopes and LFOs too though....using a combination of changing those rates, the start parameter and the pitch offset for each layer can do a lot to change the evolution rates....its not always in the samples...and often in the parameters too.


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