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Topic: Diversifying--going outside orchestral

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    Diversifying--going outside orchestral

    At some point I\'d like to branch outside of orchestral samples, since it\'s obvious that games use a wide variety of different styles. I\'m looking for a good electronic set of sounds. Not necessarily techno, but something with either electronic drum beats or maybe adjustable loops would be good. As far as constructing the melodies, I\'m not sure what to look for. Definitely not bleeps and bloops.. but something electronic. Here are my ideas on what to get:

    1) Stylus & Atmosphere. Together, I think these would be great and would provide me with a huge range of options.

    2) Distorted Reality 1 and/or 2. Canned loops, but a bit more affordable.

    I\'m still on a fairly tight budget here, so #2 is looking good. A few questions about these two libs, though: are there individual beats, or drum loops only? If loops only, can they be adjusted in tempo at all? Also, am I limitd to just spacey textures or can I compose actual melodies with any of the samples? And if I had to start with just one, which is generally better, DR1 or DR2?

    Thanks, guys.

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    Re: Diversifying--going outside orchestral

    Hi Sam, I can offer a few thoughts here as I recently bought Atmosphere, DR2, SOV and Metamorphosis.
    1) Stylus & Atmosphere. Together, I think these would be great and would provide me with a huge range of options.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">- I don\'t have Stylus but LOVE Atmosphere. I still haven\'t listened to all of the sounds in this baby! Apparently it is the largest synth, hardware or software, ever created. It has lots of dance oriented sounds, sweeps etc. Lots of classic synth sounds, lots of pads, lots of evolving sounds similiar to some of the DR series... Lots of sounds period! Also, the sounds are intelligently grouped so you can start in the right direction when searching for one.
    A few questions about these two libs, though: are there individual beats, or drum loops only? If loops only, can they be adjusted in tempo at all?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Speaking for DR it\'s loops only. They can be time stretched in the sequencer (I haven\'t done this, but I believe it\'s the way to go) If I could make one recommendation it would be Metamorphosis. Gigabytes worth of drum loops! If you get it with Groove Control you can set the loop to any tempo. You can also split out the individual sounds of the loop.
    I recently finsished a project where I split the kick, snare and hats of one loop to seperate channels and got a very realistic garage drum sound. You can also play these loops - you\'re not limited to the \"factory setting\". You can also effortessly mix different elements of different loops together.
    Also, am I limitd to just spacey textures or can I compose actual melodies with any of the samples?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Many of the DR sounds are kind of slowly evolving sounds that create more of an atmosphere. There are sounds that can be played but it is more of a mood creating library IMO. I love DR2 for the fact that half the library has sounds that are best described as; dark, sinister, moody, menacing, etc. Where the other half is; angelic, uplifting, serene. It really is \"Darkness and Light\".
    And if I had to start with just one, which is generally better, DR1 or DR2?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I don\'t have DR 1 but according to the reviews DR2 really took this library to the next level. Also, if there is any one complaint about DR1 it is that it has been used to death and is easily recognisable (more by muso\'s than Joe Public though).
    Hope this helps, Scott.

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    Re: Diversifying--going outside orchestral

    Thanks, Scott! Your answer has brought up more questions:

    1) So is DR2 just textures only? What I\'m saying is, am I able to actually play a melody using the chromatic scale? Or is that not what this library is built for? I think in Atmosphere you can do this, correct?

    2) I know you don\'t have Stylus but maybe someone else can answer: Stylus and Metamorphosis are both beat libraries.. what are the primary differences?

    Thanks again

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    Re: Diversifying--going outside orchestral

    Hey Sam, yeah DR2 is more \"hold down the keys and see what happens!\" The best way I can describe it is when you\'re watching TV and theres that creepy sound when someone is about to open the door... It not quite musical most of the time but it does have lots of atmosphere. There are some sounds with faster attacks, bowed gongs, big hits... But for the most part you don\'t play this library...

    I\'m actually doing a mock-up for a game at the moment (an assignment for a music course I\'m doing) with lots of DR2 in it. I\'ll post it when I\'m done if you like.

    Oh, I almost forgot, yes Atmosphere is 100% playable, the mother of all synths... There are also a few string patches in there that you might be interested in. They are so good that I use them as a precursor to GOS, just to get the sound down quickly. I actually left the Atmosphere strings in one of my pieces as it sat so well in the mix.

    Cheers, Scott.

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    Re: Diversifying--going outside orchestral

    Cool, thanks! Thanks for the clarifications on what DR2 does. I\'ll probably steer towards Atmosphere then for what I need.

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    Re: Diversifying--going outside orchestral

    If you want the cool loops off Distorted Reality but are put off by the fact that it doesnt have Groove Control... get the Groove Control version (see www.ilio.com) its only loops on that lib, but Metamorphosis is so different to Distorted Reality in terms of the sound so its not a alternative imo


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    Re: Diversifying--going outside orchestral

    There\'s not actually a Groove Control version of Distorted Reality. (There was one announced at one time.....but it became gradually turned into Metamorphosis....hence the name!)

    Metamorphosis has a lot to work with....it\'s all processed, electronic, remix oriented...but covers a very wide range of musical territory. \"21st Century Grooves\" is the theme...so think \"futuristic\" and you\'re in the right vein.

    Stylus is a \"Vinyl Groove Module\", so the intent is much more on breakbeats and vinyl oriented grooves for hip-hop/drum \'n bass/etc. Because the module is so flexible, and it also has a huge number of drum samples and also some live percussion loops and samples, it can also be used in lots of other styles too (like action cues and pop stuff...etc). But the overall intention was to create a \"straight from vinyl\" vibe, that was completely authentic, but also 100% legal.

    So Stylus and Metamorphosis cover a little of the same territories, but are mostly quite different in approach. Both have Groove Control and Groove Menus, so they are equally flexible (Stylus can do some more tricks with the interface and engine that it has though). Also, Stylus has much more material than the MM library (about triple)

    However, stylistically....I\'d start with Metamorphosis first for what it sounds like you want to do.

    Pretty nice to have to only choose between these products....




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    Re: Diversifying--going outside orchestral

    BTW...checking out the demos for each will really help you hear the difference in the colors of these two groove products:




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    Re: Diversifying--going outside orchestral

    Hehe, you can\'t get a more informed answer than that!

    Eric, If I could hijack this thread a moment and ask one question, is there a chance of bringing out a stand-alone engine for your past libraries? Is it technically/financially viable to do so?

    I would love to have a VST version of SOV, DR, MM, etc just like I have for Atmosphere right now.

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: Diversifying--going outside orchestral

    Hi Sam,

    I\'d second everthing said about Atmosphere. It\'s diverse, huge and very easy to use. If you are interested in developing your own sounds, a very flexible and easy to use synth is \'Albino\' from Linplug.

    It comes with 650 presets written by sound designer Rob Papen which are a great place to start and also an education in producing sounds. There\'s a completely functional free demo download available at.........


    It just emits a horrible sound every 60 seconds but will give you a full feel of how it works. There\'s also a wonderful completely free VSTi synth called \'Crystal\' available for download at....


    It always gets a huge thumbs up from users at the Cubase forum........and it\'s completely free, so well worth a look if you have the time.


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