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Topic: Good PedalSteel Guitar?

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    Re: Good PedalSteel Guitar?

    Kontakt will do that trick, to a degree. There\'s still something a little fishy in it, but it works in general. Sometimes you have to take a couple of stabs.

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    Re: Good PedalSteel Guitar?

    Spectrasonics has a lap slide with 4 velocity switches. Sustained, sustained vibrato, note bend up, note bend down. There is an extra patch with bend up notes played slow. You\'ll find the instruments with lots of other fine guitars on Hans Zimmer Vol. 2 . Recommended!

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Good PedalSteel Guitar?


    I bought \"American Heartland\" about 2 months ago, because I needed a mock pedal steel for
    some arrangements I was doing.

    I\'m happy to report that what\'s on the disk is very usable.

    Mind you, I live in Nashville, and many friends of mine are session steel players, but in this case I wanted to find out if pedal steel was the texture I was looking for, without bringing a real player into the picture. (just yet)

    You do need to understand the instrument, and be able to program it idiomatically. But the pedal steel sounds on \"American Heartland\" are really good, and their programming makes the realism factor doable.

    Also, running the samples through an amp or amp emulator like Amp farm or Nigel, takes it to a whole new level, although that\'s not always necessary.

    I don\'t think you\'d be dissapointed at all if you got it. The dobro is pretty good as well.

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