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Topic: Whirling Tube

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    Whirling Tube

    Hi, I\'m trying to find a whirling plastic tube sound, the kind that changes harmonics a la Bernouli\'s equation. Used among other things in the Diva soundtrack. Does anyone know if such a sample or sound-a-like exists anywhere. Sometimes it sounds a little like a tuvan throat singer. You know the kind of thing. Thanks for any input you may have.


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    Re: Whirling Tube

    Any major toy store has \'em. I have a couple of them. It\'s better to have the real thing than a sample--they\'re fun to record, and cheaper too!!

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    Re: Whirling Tube

    Of course they\'re best recorded with a cheap mic. \"Zooom, Zooom, Zooom, Whack!\", or at least behind a safety screen. Or if the mic is *really* cheap, you can just whirl it :-)

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    Re: Whirling Tube

    We\'re so dependent on library sounds.
    I once needed a whirling tube so badly that I double and triple checked all my sample cd-roms and diskettes(yes, along time ago). It never even crossed my mind to record the silly thing myself.
    In the end the track was released without the tube.
    Regrets, yes I have many...

    Alex Cremers(walking towards the sunset)

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    Re: Whirling Tube

    vacuum cleaner hose works, too.

    Haven\'t you seen Phish do his infamous vacuum cleaner hose solo live in concert [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ?

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    Re: Whirling Tube

    I have a whole menagery of whirrling tubes, rubber spinners, and more for sale. All sampled in high quality at major recording facitlities.

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    Re: Whirling Tube

    The VACUUM CLEANER!! O.K. I just tried it. It would have looked pretty funny to anyone who walked into the studio. I have this low track lighting on the ceiling so I had to kneel down to do it. Didn\'t get much volume though so I\'m running down to the toy store for one of Bruce\'s Pro Editions.

    Thanks all very much.


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