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Topic: Bigga Tenor Sax Issue

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    Bigga Tenor Sax Issue

    I\'m not able to load most of the gigs--getting an \"insufficient memory\" message (I have 384 meg of RAM). I\'ve got OODLES of GigaStudio samples and never had a problem before.

    Anyone else seeing this problem?


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    Re: Bigga Tenor Sax Issue

    Are you trying to load the whole gig? Try clicking the \'+\' sign next to the gig and only load the parts you need. What OS are you using? You may want to add more memory to your machine as some instruments will run out of memory because they are so large.

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    Re: Bigga Tenor Sax Issue

    Hi Jerry,
    I suspect that it might be possible for older versions of GigaStudio to have slow-load, since some envelope parameters used are new on latest version of Giga. I use WIN ME, but newest version GS160.
    Another issue is number of Presets.(32 in the sax) When I time the loading of gigs; results are approx 8 seconds for a single sax Preset.....18 seconds for full tenorsax.gig ; Approx 10 seconds for a 2port GSP with reverb. (two presets + fx)
    This compares to approx 11 seconds for RainPiano.gig (full) or 20 seconds for StudioGrand (full gig)
    RainPiano is larger than sax by approx 200 megabytes, but far fewer Presets.
    StudioGrand also fewer Presets but almost 3X larger megabytes....1.7 gigabyte monster.
    Soooooo; performance seems about equal on my slowboat PIII 800 but 512 RAM (slo 133mHz ram). In my experience, one expects 32 Presets to take more load than size warrants. (Sax is approx 530 megabytes)
    I suggest that anyone experiencing problems of loading on a Gig file should SAVE the gig on their own system using THEIR GS Editor...That way, any incompatibilities go away....This has helped on some gigs for me in past....I do not think there is a glitch in tenorsax.gig except Giga standard flakiness regarding complex gigs....

    By the way; inadequate Memory Error often means your Windoze Swap File is a bit bollixed.....Usually fixed up by a Defrag run on the harddrives. This may seem a bit simplistic, but frankly, a Gig file is rarely the problem causer.....Perhaps better expressed as the problem EXPOSER showing some weakness in the local computer that may only be a temporary phenomenon.
    Hope this helps a bit. Service questions always concern me and I\'ll be happy to discuss further online thru biggagiggas@aol.com if you need assistance.
    john thomas

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