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Topic: average payment for producing/licencing a sample CD licence?

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    average payment for producing/licencing a sample CD licence?

    Greez all,

    i just finshed my first sound designer work: a drumset (loops and single hits) for dub/roots reggae music sample library and as being completely new in sound designer buz i wanted to ask u about how much money i should ask a label fro when it comes to licencing. the library is a full length CD and i plan to release it in audio/wav formats as well as ROM (AKAI, Giga, Kurzweil, E-Mu, Roland) format version. i will adress myself to common sample library labels such as best service, east west, q up arts, big fish etc. with the release inquiry. is one sum payment or royalty deal payment more frequented in sound designer buz in general? in case if roylaty payment is rather the one to go for about which percentage would u consider a good deal (i am only used to royalty deals in normal music release business so i ask myself if the average percentage for royalty deals is abou the same or rather way different?). in case that one sum payments r more common shall i go for my own calculation (adding costs and working hours) and tell the label this sum or shall i better ask them for a sum to come up with first? what is the average price a beginner sound designer (no big name here yet) gets paid for the licensing a full length sample CD library?

    thx so much for any info!


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    Re: average payment for producing/licencing a sample CD licence?

    eh i just remakred i put licence one time too much in there [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] . just cut out the licence at the very end - it was a dizzy typing here

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