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Topic: Online Storage

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    Online Storage

    I\'m about to give in to this .Mac thing, but there seems like a better solution.
    Does anybody know of a place to get online storage that is accessable through internet access that holds more than 100mb?

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    Re: Online Storage


    May want to look into SBC DSL. It is just about to be ready for Mac.

    It says that if you forego the games package...as if we have time....you can opt for the extra 500meg storage. Believe you have RRunner. Maybe you should look into SBC Yahoo.... check their site out.

    Hope this helps and that you are well.
    You too Craig.


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    Re: Online Storage

    Since I use SBC DSL, I can use 650M web storage.
    It is primaly for photo file, so you can\'t store a file that is more than 15M.

    I use .rar file if I have to store big files. It works fine for me.

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    Re: Online Storage

    \"Since I use SBC DSL, I can use 650M web storage.
    It is primaly for photo file, so you can\'t store a file that is more than 15M.\"

    Thanks for the tip Ken-P. I hadn\'t realized this. Figures, there is always a catch..... I thought it was too easy to have this much storage fall into my lap without having to do any further HW.....


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    Re: Online Storage

    I think if you are using a Mac, you should consider the .mac. You can upgrade from the 100mb for pretty inexpensively, and the way it integrates in OSX is really cool and seamless. They\'ve got a really great FTP template, so anything you put in your Public folder on .Mac is automatically formatted on a web page that you can give to clients to download tracks. It\'s pretty slick and a no brianer if you\'re not into designing web pages or using FTP software - which I\'m not.

    I\'ve used for about a year and I think it\'s more than paid for itself in saved mailing and courier costs when someone needs a file fast...

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    Re: Online Storage

    Thanks everyone.

    I think I\'ll definately check that SBC thing. Especially since I just saw an ad for $29 a month for DSL. I\'m paying $47 for cable ISP. Hopefully DSL wouldn\'t be a speed downgrade. I am concerned about this 15mb per file limit. Maybe compression helps solve this problem, or not. Last time I checked, my area was not \"equipped\" for DSL yet (as if I\'m in BFE).

    I haven\'t seen anywhere that I can get more than 100mb at .MAC. And your your right, it does work very well with OSX, but it\'s pretty lame with OS 9, which I\'m still on (tryed to switch over and had to switch back). So while I love OSX, it blows to constantly switch back and forth.

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    Re: Online Storage

    I just saw an ad for $29 a month for DSL
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">FWIW, I think those are the teaser rates. After a year it goes up to $50, just like they all are.

    (A friend who lives in BFM [Massachusetts] recently went back to a modem because the broadband service there was so bad!)

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    Re: Online Storage

    Just FYI - if you log into your .Mac and click Idisk, the upgrade - you can get additional storage:

    300Mb total - $100 yr.
    500mb total - $180 yr.
    1GB total - $350 yr.

    I don\'t think it\'s too bad in OS9 - just use the chooser to get in.

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    Re: Online Storage

    I have a .Mac accont and it only shows I have 50 MB available. I look in my folders and there is nothing there to take up the other 50MB of the 100MB I should have.

    Anyone else experienceing this?

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