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Topic: Best Solo Strings?

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    Best Solo Strings?

    I would like to know what most people would reccomend as the best solo strings for giga. I know of three options:
    1. Dan Dean - Good sound, it seems, but limited articulations.
    2. The three X-Sample solo string discs
    3. Kirk Hunter solo strings.
    What have people used and which ones work for you. I write contemporary art music and so modern playing techniques and glissendo are of value to me.

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    Re: Best Solo Strings?

    I have the Dan Dean, and although the sound quality is good there are, as you say, limited articulations. Personally I\'d wait to see the Garritan Solo Strings, and I hear that Dan Dean is producing another more detailed solo strings library - whatever those guys produce is always first rate. I dont have the other libraties so I can\'t comment on those.

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    Re: Best Solo Strings?

    There\'s a fourth option you missed: London Solo Strings. Though I believe it\'s not due out till fall this year. I could be wrong.

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    Re: Best Solo Strings?

    brewick- I have played around with demo that contains the arco viola from the Dan Dean solo strings but the sustain was very short, something less than a whole second. Is this because it was a demo or do they lack sustain?

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    Re: Best Solo Strings?

    MDesigner. I forgot the London Solo Strings because I have only heard them mentioned once but have just looked them up a bit - sounds like they will be very good at least as far as articulations are concerned.

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    Re: Best Solo Strings?

    Originally posted by Xenakis:
    I write contemporary art music and so modern playing techniques and glissendo are of value to me.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Definitley check out the KH stuff. It also includes a bass, and I\'m not sure if the others mentioned have this or not, but if nothing else check into it for both the sound and articulations. Something about them says \"virtuosic\" whenever I\'m playing with the patches, and the glissandi are very nice... maybe too nice, its so easy to get carried away with them...

    Either way, I\'ve heard some pretty nice things out of most of the aforementioned sets, but for the stuff I do, the KH lent itself very well. It\'s a personal choice for each of us, and what works for you will be entirely dependant on the kind of sound/approach you\'re looking for. So definitley check them all out.

    Good luck,

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    Re: Best Solo Strings?

    I have all of the libries above.

    1. Kirk Hunter would be an excellent choice for realism and quality. I am very please with how they sound. I only have a beta set, so there are some articulations that I have not heard yet. They have a life-saver on my current project.

    X-sample has *four* discs for solo strings: one disc contains short notes such as pizzicato and spiccato plus some FX. There is a disc that includes a solo cello with vibrato which I still use. The later discs include more FX, tremolos, and sustain notes, but they do not include vibrato. I have asked the people who the make the collection to produce a set with natural vibrato, and they keep saying that they will \'think about it\'.

    The Dan Dean solo strings are fine for some things. When I first got them, I thought they were excellent. Now, in light of other more complex libraries, they lack some features that I would like to see included. They only have one dynamic layer. They still sound pretty good depending on the music you are working with. The pizz. articulations are still very realisic sounding, as are the tremolos. There are no FX patches.

    VSL will have a solo violin and solo cello in their upcoming Pro Edition. They are working on a solo viola and solo Contrabass.

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    Re: Best Solo Strings?

    Thanks alot for the suggestions. I have played around a bit with violin and cello demos for the Kirk Hunter strings and they are quite nice. From what I have been able to hear, the Dan Dean is a bit more polished sounding but has far less and no contrabass. For the extra 50 dollars Kirk Hunter seems to the a much better choice. I also know that the London Solo Strings will have more variety still than Kirk Hunters but will cost about twice as much, which might be more than I can afford.

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    Re: Best Solo Strings?

    Yes, solo strings have been a problem.

    I haven\'t heard anything out there yet that has that has achieved in a string quartet format what, for instance, Nick has in the large orchestral format.

    When I can hear a convincing \"Eleanor Rigby\" mock up, I\'ll be sold

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    Re: Best Solo Strings?

    Hello Xenakis,
    if you are composing modern music I would suggest the xsample solo strings. They include Tremolo sul pont, a quatertone set, a lot of harmoniques (natural, artificial), glissandi of natural harmoniqes, non vibrato notes (and artificial vibrato, but controlable), different pizzicatos, two spicc, tremolo f with a very nice tight attack, 3 velocity splits for sec sus notes, ah yes, and double bass as well (very nice). I think they are very good for composing clusters, for exemple (as Xenakis...).
    I don\'t have the other libraries. But it seems to me KH is more in a romantic style, and Dan Dean I believe has less articulations and velocity splits.
    Hope this helps,

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