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Topic: I appreciated the help

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    I appreciated the help

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to follow up and thank everyone for the arranging suggestions on \"The Master\'s Might\". I just heard back from the Argentine Director and he couldn\'t be more pleased. You can listen to what he heard at:


    music/religous/The Master\'s Might (Espanol)

    The cool (or nice) thing is that he didn\'t even laugh at my somewhat lame attempt to sing in Spanish (or any language for that matter.) Of course he has a very nice choir.

    He has also recommended me to a film Director to do a \'short\' (20 minute film) and it looks like that will come together. Many thanks again to all who made suggestions.


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    Re: I appreciated the help


    Congrats Rob [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: I appreciated the help

    Well done and well deserved Rob!

    Rudi [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: I appreciated the help

    Congrats Rob

    Very touching, and hey the Spanish sounds good! I have to say that it sounds better than the first English version.

    Good luck with your dreams for the future


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    Re: I appreciated the help

    Thanks for the nice comments guys. I have to thank many here for making such excellent musical suggestions for improving the arrangement. Some I didn\'t end up using (probably more of my inability to execute - oh well, we are always learning.)

    I agree Dave, I actually like what the Spanish did to the \'ryhthm\' of the piece.

    Everytime we write we learn something new. I learned much from suggestions given - I especially like the changes made to the (Espanola version only) bari line. I am guilty of relegating that voice to mostly stagnate lines. If given a little attention, it can really give some nice \'tension and release\' to the harmonic structure.

    Thanks again.


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    Re: I appreciated the help

    Quite well pronunciation, apart from a pair of things (the ñ in viña, for instance [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ) it\'s ok.

    The lyrics are completely ok. Did you write them as well?

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    Re: I appreciated the help

    Eeeeeks! Someone from Spain!!!! I apologize in advance for hacking your beautiful language.

    Thanks for the comments on the lyrics. My wife writes all my lyrics. I thought she captured the intended message well. Makes me sick she can put something like this together in 10 minutes and I spend 8+ hours arranging the mock-up (not counting recording choir parts one at a time.)

    Thanks again.


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    Re: I appreciated the help

    Hi Rob! I remember when you brought the english version. This one sounds even better. Congratulations. It really raises the spirit.

    As for the spanish it´s quite good, though if I understood it right there´s gonna be a spanish choir singing this so it doens´t matter that much.

    Guybrush, apart from ruining Le Chuck plans [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] , is pretty right about \"viña\" which you pronouced \"vina\" heh,heh. I understand it´s pretty hard for a non-spanish. \"Ñ\" is just like a french \"gn\", so if you can pronounce \"magnifique\" in proper french you alredy have the \"ñ\" sound. (though maybe you don´t know french either, and I´m just making things worse..lol)

    The only thing that bothered me a bit was the word \"testificar\", which I consider important because it ends several passages. With all the other stuff you might have slipped a letter here or there but the stuff sounds very good because you nailed the accents(highlighting \"llevaremos\" and \"fuerza\" which both sound almost totally sang by a spanish guy). But with \"testificar\" you changed the accent of the word, which should be on the last syllable \"car\", while the choir there sounds like accenting it on \"fi\". I understand the musical reasons for this, but I could really picture it with the proper acccent and it would fit perfectly. I´m not sure if you´re willing to change anything after all the hard work you´ve surely put into it, so I won´t bother you with this. Just wanted to let you know about it.

    Apart from this little stuff it´s all gold. A great job as I previously said.

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    Re: I appreciated the help

    Hi Netvudu,

    As my \'gringo\' version of the choir will go bye bye when we have the \'real thing\' I probably won\'t go back and fix it BUT it really helps me when I get to direct the Argentine choir. They will not be expecting much in the way of my helping them with pronunication but should I \'come up\' with this suggestion of putting the emphasis on \'car\' - it will give me some credibility. Thanks in advance for making me look smarter (than I really am.)

    Best wishes.


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    Re: I appreciated the help

    Hi Rob,

    Final cut absolutely great. And the male/female voice balancing is genius. Male/females now compliment rather than compete, but you still get a feel of less girls than boys. Possibly we get the feel females are slightly closer to audience to create the balance. The more prominent panning - women left, guys right, also made a big difference, and allowing a female group solo matching the men at the beginning made the entire piece flow.

    Did you also do some compressing on the final version that the first did not have? Just a huge difference - and love it!

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