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Topic: Solo Strings under the nose....?

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    Solo Strings under the nose....?

    I was just perusing my most recent issue of EQ when my eye accidently caught a new string collection from Big Fish Audio..... I had already turned the page a few times before my brain kicked in, then I had to spend 5 more minutes flipping page by page looking for the ad again (you\'ve all done that right?). Well sure enough, on the top of the Big Fish ad, there\'s a collection called \"London Solo Strings\". I\'ve never heard of such! Is it new? Is it good? Why I have I not heard anything about it? I know all about the London Perc... but the solo strings?... Please someone chime in and shed some light on the subject!!!

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    Re: Solo Strings under the nose....?

    Its been talked about here before, and even demos have been posted

    Do a search on LSS or london solo strings.

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    Re: Solo Strings under the nose....?

    Paste this question into the string forum on http://www.dssoundware.com/forum/
    (makers of this library, Donnie and Sean from DSSoundWare).

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    Re: Solo Strings under the nose....?

    I\'m doing beta testing/composing for this library. I got the library 2 days ago to check out, and I will give details once I figure out Kontakt. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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