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    Hi, I\'m new to these forums. I have seen some original work here so I thought I might submit my one & only. I have actually been composing MIDI for about 5 years now (I\'m 20 btw) but all my cool compositions were lost due to harddrive failures [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img] Anyway I have a monotonic piano piece here and would appreciate some constructive criticism. Thanks a lot,



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    Re: Hello

    Some good stuff in there Raksu, I liked the fugue-like part entrance at 1:16 and the general sense of invention.

    A few comments on the sound quality... The piano sounds very \"tinny\" with a very short decay and very little \"light and shade\" to it. It sounds very much like a basic keyboard or soundfont without much depth. I don\'t know what equipment you use, but a better piano sound would reap dividends.

    I take it that the piece was step-programmed? The overal effect is a bit too mechanical for my liking, and makes it sound a bit \"inhuman\" or \"stiff\". Maybe you could add some volume variation and some tempo changes?

    Overal, its a good piece but it would benefit greatly from a \"real\" player approach. Also, the style is firmly rooted in the conservatory/classical tradition. That makes it reminiscent of Bach, Mozart and others - it would be nicer to have more \"Raksu\" [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks for sharing with us,

    PS Sorry to hear about the hard drive failure.

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