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Topic: SI Strings Mini anyone?

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    SI Strings Mini anyone?

    Just wondering how people who have SI Strings Mini like the library...

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    Re: SI Strings Mini anyone?

    LOL! I can\'t seem to get any answer out of anyone, either. Doesn\'t seem like anyone has it. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: SI Strings Mini anyone?

    got it...like it....

    want more articulations for down the road, but love what I got...

    any specific questions? perhaps asking in the SI forum would have gotten a faster response [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: SI Strings Mini anyone?

    How does the \"lite mapping\" sound? And do you find it workable even with fewer velocities?
    Thanks. Peter.

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    Re: SI Strings Mini anyone?

    I have found it workable FOR WHAT I DO. GOS has more articulations, but in comparing the Lite versions, SI has more velocity layers.

    The \'Lite\' mappings/fewer velocity layers haven\'t affected me greatly, but I hunger for more.

    Most of the stuff I get hired to do is more pop strings in a ballad kinda stuff, and SI has been great for that, as long as I write for the sample.

    Also, the SI is a smaller sounding ensemble and that has helped make things sound more \'intimate\' to my ears. I\'ve tried doubling SI to get a bigger ensemble with good success.

    I think I made the right purchase for my needs, but not my wants, y\'know? Prefer SI & GOS and have worked with them with other people\'s rigs. But for myself, I haven\'t (yet!) been able to justify the extra expense.

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