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Topic: MIDI through LAN?

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    MIDI through LAN?


    I currently have one Sonar/GS 160 PC to run analog recordigs plus a piano and sometimes some other samples simultaneously. However, I find the performance to be lacking. I thought a 1,8 GHz / 1024 MB RAM PC could hande this, but I often get clicks and pops and crashdowns, even after a fresh install.

    (There are always bad sounds when I start and stop a track and very often dropouts. I often need to start playing a track several times before it actually plays, but when it does, it often goes well..)

    I also have another PC that I plan to use as a dedicated giga pc. (1,2 athlon, 512 RAM). Is it possible to get midi through LAN? And can I leave the gigasamples on Sonar pc and just run Giga on the second?

    Quite a few questions, but I hope someone can help a bit! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Best regards

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    Re: MIDI through LAN?

    MusicLab makes a really good MIDI over LAN program:
    In fact I just bought it yesterday. I downloaded the trial version and it worked perfectly and is quite easy to use. It gives you 16 midi ports, that\'s 256 MIDI channels per computer, and you can install it on as many computers as you want.
    It\'s $60.
    The sonic control website has a review of it too.

    Anthony Lombardi

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    Re: MIDI through LAN?

    Cool, Thanks, Lombard!
    I\'ll try it. It seems nice.

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    Re: MIDI through LAN?

    MIDI over LAN works very well. Been using it for more than a year now on several machines, and it may very well be the only link in a complicated chain that has never failed me yet. Highly recomended. Good luck with everything!


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    Re: MIDI through LAN?

    I use it too. VERY good. You can control a whole roomful of machines with it.

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