I just picked up the VSL brass set this week to work on a mockup job for a film and was appalled to discover that the bones and tuba sustain patches are wholly useless due to the fact that only 2-3 seconds of forte notes were sampled. I\'ve taken up this issue on the VSL forum and heard from Herb that there are plans to loop the library, which is good news but not very helpful in my current situation. What has me scratching my head in disbelief is that apparently the brass players in Vienna were incapable of sustaining their loud notes any longer than 2-3 seconds.

What amazes me even more is that I was, in fact, surprised by this hole in the library, considering that I\'ve read practically every post on this forum regarding VSL and don\'t recall ever reading about such a serious shortcoming. Has no one truly been stumped by this limitation? I should point out that, even though my work currently revolves around film and TV music, anyone re-creating formal concert literature will also find it impossible to handle certain passages with the current release. Having brass with some staying power isn\'t an esoteric requirement of film composers in a post-Beethoven world.

My advice to anyone still trying to decide what to buy would be to ask more questions of users and developers. To that end, I would like to know from Nick/and or Doug what the EWQL library is like as far as sustains go, not only with brass but winds as well. Generally, how long are the soft sustains, loud sustains, trills? Are these sections looped? I understand that in the real world brass and wind players cannot sustain indefinitely, aside from circular breathing, but in scores where winds and brass have long sustained notes, it would be extremely helpful to have looped versions of the sections.

I\'m disappointed that I won\'t be able to use the EWQL library on the mockups–the live sessions start May 19– but I, for one, would prefer that basic issues like useable sustains, looped string tremelos, tuning, etc., be addressed before the library is released rather than repeat the experience I just had, even if that means your release is pushed back. I would like to assume, based on Nick\'s work in film and the very powerful sound I heard in the first demo piece, that these areas have already been addressed, but my last assumption cost me $800.

Alternately, would you at least inform your customers up front about the holes in the library and how and when you\'ll be releasing updates to correct those. I appreciate your presence on this forum, so if you\'re able to answer these questions publicly, that would be great. Otherwise, we\'ll find out in three weeks.