The harpsichord has held my interest lately, and here are two of my latest efforts. The first two are the same, the difference only that one mp3 uses GPO Harpsichord and the other GPO Steinway. Both are new works.



The second is a transcription of a previous piano work.

Six Harpsiminis

The links will take you to Score Exchange, where you will find an mp3 button near the top of the page. I think it allows streaming only, not sure. If you have or wish to get the Scorch player, you can also view the score and listen to the midi playback. Scorch is a free plug in, with download instruction on the page. Some people like to view the score during playback, and Scorch provides the means, although the sound quality is not as good as the mp3's, which use GPO.


Two more harpsichord pieces nearly ready, both of the transcriptions of my piano works.